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Signing up for our Side Pamukkale Tour with a very rich content will make your holiday in Turkey very valuable.

Because simply, you will be enjoying one of the most outstanding travel points of Turkey in a day:

We will pick you up from Side, take you to the “Cotton Castle” and take you back to Side.

In other words, you will have a very dynamic and wealthy 24 hours and golden memories.

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Bus with Full A/C
Guiding Service
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Karahayit, Pamukkale Travertines and Cleopatra’s Pool Entrance Fee
Breakfast And Lunch
Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Towel, Swimsuits, Hat, Sun Cream, Sunglasses, Camera

Complete a Task on an Important List

If you have ever made a research about things to do in Turkey, you probably know visiting Pamukkale has an important place on that list.

And thanks to us, you have a chance to depart from Side and lose yourself among the natural white terraces of Pamukklale Mountain.

Moreover, you will be learning how they were born and their importance thanks to our professional guide.

You will also learn the historical facts about the ancient city that is located at the top of Pamukkale.

In a nutshell, this tour will be a very captivating one.

Now, let us give you some spoilers about your day with us!

Pamukkale Travertines: A World Heritage that UNESCO Approves

After picking you up from your hotel in Side in the early hours of morning by our fully-equipped and modern vehicles, we will get to Denizli province of Turkey.

Then, we will head to Pamukkale and our amazing journey will begin immediately.

You will have a chance to walk along the white surface of Pamukkale on which thermal waters flow.

Since you will be barefoot, you will feel the warmth every step that you take until you reach to the peak of it.

Before reaching there, you will observe the famous travertines, puddles that are full with thermal waters and muds, and breathtaking sceneries.

In a nutshell, this walking session will please your eyes and soul. As a note here, it has an amazing landscape for photography.

Cleopatra’s Pool

If you would like to enjoy an exclusive experience, you can buy a ticket and swim in Cleopatra Pool which is located at the top of Pamukkale Mountain.

This antique pool that hosts thermal and mineral-rich waters was once the pool of Queen Cleopatra.

And you can enjoy sharing the same feelings with a queen!

The Ancient City of Hierapolis

During our Side Pamukkale Tour, you will also enjoy the interesting and captivating texture of ancient eras while walking the ancient site.

Hierapolis, as known as Holy City, will offer you a matchless scenery and lecture through its pale remains.

These remains such as marbles, columns, gates, tombs, baths, sculptures, tombs, agoras, theaters and more will be singing the mystical songs that dates back to Roman and Byzantine periods.

You should listen them and solve the secrets!

Of course, our tour guide will be telling you amazing stories about the empires and folks that lived in there during the walk.

That is why, you will expand your cultural accumulation at the end.

Karahayit Village

After enjoying our time in Pamukkale, we will get on the buses and get to the next stop of our Side Pamukkale Trip.

Karahayit Village, which is famous for its reddish-colored thermal springs will be this amazing stop.

In there, you will have a chance to enjoy a thermal mud and bath therapy if you buy a ticket.

Or, you can enjoy the village view, striking atmosphere, fresh air and photography:

Karahayit is worth-seeing and remembering no matter what you do in there.

A Tasty Dinner & Wine Tasting

In Karahayit, at the evening, we will enter a local restaurant that will offer us delightful foods and beverages which will prove the significance of Turkish cuisine.

Then, we will spoil our mouths and stomachs, and refill our energy bars.

Also, in this special facility, you might enjoy tasting wines with different flavors.

The End of Daily Pamukkale Tour

In order to end our Side Pamukkale Tour, we will get on the buses and take to the roads.

After a couple of hours on the highway, we will get to Antalya.

Then, we will take you to your hotel in Side approximately at 10 pm and you will enjoy the rest of the night by resting.

If you like the content of our daily Side Pamukkale excursion, you can book it online easily

. Or, if you have questions, you can contact us 7/24; we will gladly help you!

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Reviews About Side Pamukkale Tour (Eco Package)

4.50 based on 2 reviews
22 April 2020

Pamukkale was simply gorgeous. I liked the ancient city very much, the excursion was extremely informative. Guide is just magic)) I am very happy, we had a good time. Thank you very much.

3 August 2020

A very good excursion, everything is thought out. In the morning we were picked up from the hotel, then the road with stops a couple of times, then three hours to get to know Pamukkale itself and its sights. Everyone managed to see it and was very pleased. When we come to Turkey next time, we will definitely buy some more excursion on this website.

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