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Side Rafting Tour is an amazing event that gathers up different types of travelling options into one day:

You will enjoy the adrenaline and nature at once!

Thus, if you have a limited time in Antalya Side, this bouquet will provide you with an amazing goodbye.

No matter which level you have in rafting activity: You might be a professional rafter or an inexperienced one.

In any case, you will adore this activity and everything you should have or know will be provided by the professional crew.

So, the only thing you should do is to have fun!

Below, you will find the program and details, and have a general idea about your day!

What is included?

Free Hotel Service
Helmet, life jacket
Insurance for the duration of the excursion
Group inflatable boats for rafting (8-10 people)

What is not included?

Any personal expenses (photographs, souvenirs, etc.)
Wetsuit (optional)
Rent of rubber shoes for rafting, Double canoe (canoe for two)

What to bring with you?

Sunblock, sunglasses, headwear
Money for personal expenses

Koprulu Canyon: The Core of Thrill

After picking you up from your hotel, we will get to Koprulu Canyon, one of the most magical natural parts of Antalya.

This place, due to its natural formation which is favorable for rafting, provides tourists with amazing sessions and delightful sceneries.

The wild river divides the sharp-edged rock blocks into two pieces, and becomes a shelter for an ultimate fun!

Learn the Basics

The professional and friendly crew of our Side rafting excursion will enlighten you about everything before the journey begins.

Simply, they will teach you safety procedures, how to use the equipment, duration, route etc.

Also, they will answer all of your questions.

The 1st and 2nd Sessions of Side Rafting Tour

After hopping on the boat one by one and take your seat, the adventure on the wild river will start!

Under the control of the captain, you will dance with the white surfs and high speed.

Your 14-km-journey (in total) will begin at that point.

After 40 minutes of this incredible dance in the waters, you will have a short break which will last for 20 minutes.

To swim in the river or get some rest on the riverside will renew your energy and help you get some rest.

We recommend you to try to calm down if you feel excited; to do so, you can breathe the fresh air and relax yourself!

Then, you will get on the boat again and enjoy the adrenaline, delightful sceneries and fun.

This time, you will feel more experienced.

A Delightful Lunch Break

Since this exciting and wild voyage in the boat will make you feel hungry -because you will burn a lot of energy- you will need to refill your energy bar.

That is why, we will have a break before the 3rd session of rafting.

A restaurant which is located nearby the river will welcome us with its delicious foods from Turkish cuisine.

After pleasing every inch of your mouth and stomach with an appetizing lunch, we will get ready to complete our route!

The Last Joy

Until we reach to the ending point, we will enjoy the last session of Side Rafting Tour.

For 20 minutes, you will feel the thrilling vibes, swing on the surface from side to side and try to sharpen your rafting skills for the last time.

This, the 3rd part of this amazing activity will fill you up with happiness as the previous ones did!

In short, you will have exciting hours that will make your vacation in Side Antalya unforgettable.

If you would like to add a pinch of adrenaline to your sunny days, you can book this tour online or contact us directly!

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Reviews About Full Day White Water Rafting Tour from Side/Manavgat

5.00 based on 2 reviews
18 May 2020

They were alloyed by an international team, we can say) The instructor is just a polyglot, in all languages ​​he explained to us what to do and what not to do. So everything is quite simple. The main thing is safety, we were given helmets and life jackets. Keep in mind that your shoes and clothing should be comfortable. Still, it is more of a sporting event. All this and a delicious Turkish lunch are already included in the price. There was also a transfer. I recommend.

22 July 2020

The whole family tried rafting for the first time! We had a lot of fun. We thought that we would get tired, because this tour is for the whole day, but everything is so well thought out and done that you just do not have time to get tired. It turns out that rafting is divided into three stages, and between each stage there is rest, entertainment and lunch. After the walk, we were offered to buy pictures, and then they were taken back to the hotel. All parts of the tour is cool.

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