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Joining in our Side Sapadere Canyon Tour is one of the best things to do in Side, especially if you are into nature.

Because this excursion will take you to the most captivating natural areas of Side, which are very popular for tourists who seek peace.

Thus, if you are a fan of “organic” wonders of the world that Mother Nature gave to bless us, you should be one of our guests.

We will combine a good route with the hybrid of the colors of blue and green. All you need to do is to enjoy this mixture and get rid of the stress, negativity and tiredness:

For a couple of hours, you will leave behind the things that the gray city life offers you…

What is included?

Free Hotel Service
Professional Tour Guide
Lunch at Sapadere Canyon
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Dwarf Cave Entrance Fee

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

What Can You Expect from Side Sapadere Canyon Excursion?

During this excursion, first of all, you will find an ultimate comfort:

We will pick you up from your hotel in Side by our fully-equipped and modern vehicle.

So, you will have a very comfortable start.

In addition, you can expect to find peace: As we mentioned above, you will be visiting places which will make your soul and mind relax.

Of course, the mixture of green and blue of the environment will make you feel like you are a part of the nature.

Moreover, since we will have a professional and licensed tur guide with us, you will be learning some interesting facts about the places that we will visit.

In other words, you will be expanding your cultural accumulation.

Now, if you are excited enough, let us give you more detailed information about the travelling points that we will visit.

Sapadere Canyon: A Natural Wonder

The first stop of our Side Sapadere Canyon Tour will be the heart of this journey: Sapadere Canyon itself.

Since we do not want to make you more curious, we will let the union with nature begin immediately! And it will…

Being located in Alanya region of Antalya, this canyon will welcome all of us.

Nearly, it has a length of 360 meters, and the rocks that arises along the canyon can reach to 400 meters.

Thus, you will feel how tiny you are while we are enjoying a peaceful walk along the canyon.

The smoothly shaped rock blocks, ice-cold water that comes from the depths of the rocks, and rattles of the splashing water will soothe all of your overwhelming thoughts.

Very Tasty Break

At the end of the trekking, we will enjoy a very tasty lunch which are made by the local people.

Every bite and sip of those foods and drinks that you choose will prove the significance of Turkish cuisine. Also, you will refill your energy bar, too!

Cuceler Cave (Dwarves Cave)

The second stop of our Side Sapadere Canyon Tour will be a very unique and bizarre place that is called “Dwarves Cave”.

Besides from its odd, natural formation, it also has a very interesting and sad story:

According to the local people, this cave was a shelter to a real dwarf who escaped from his home due to being a victim of domestic abuse.

Free Time in Alanya

After enjoying a captivating walk along the cave, we will head to Alanya town of Antalya to spend our times freely.

During this period, you will have a chance to observe the local people, purchase some souvenirs and take photos of this amazing town.

If you want, you can also drink or eat something to make this break more delicious!

The End of Side Canyon Tour

When the free time ends, we will get on our vehicle and return to Side.

Then, we will take you to your hotel and say goodbye to each other!

If you like this content-rich Side excursion, you can easily book it online.

If you have questions, you can contact us: We will gladly answer you 7/24!

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Reviews About Side Sapadere Canyon Tour

5.00 based on 9 reviews
22 May 2020

This lake, formed by a tall dam, is very beautiful – there are many islets, picturesque cliffs, bays and so on. A very photogenic place. The excursion is designed for almost the whole day. We were picked up from the hotel at exactly 9 am and brought back around 5 pm. In the middle of the day we had a delicious lunch. Thanks to excursion market for this tour.

11 June 2020

I liked that the tour was well organized. In the morning after breakfast we were picked up from the hotel, practically without delay. I am the kind of person that I love everything to be well organized and the way they write on the site to keep it that way. So, by transfer we were taken to the dam of Lake Oymapinar. It is the fifth largest dam in Turkey. Well, it’s at least a fifth or a sixth for us, it’s not so important for us, but here’s a cool combination of views: it turns out that you see a modern building in the form of a dam and adjacent buildings, and in the distance an ancient bridge, which, according to the guide, is 2000 years old … Then the most interesting, in my opinion, part of the journey begins: a boat trip along the green canyon. The landscapes that opened up to us are just perfect. You don’t even know if you just sit and enjoy the views, or to take pictures of everything)) We rode a boat for about two hours, this is enough to see everything and enough not to get tired. Then we took a dip, had lunch and rested. The restaurant in which we had lunch offers to rent fishing gear, but I did not take advantage of this offer. After that, we returned by boat to the pier, from where we started our journey, and returned by transfer back to the hotel. I have no complaints, everything is well organized, please accept my gratitude.

23 June 2020

In general, I liked it very much, beautiful nature, not a tiring road, pleasant company. The trip took place in the comfort of a minibus. In the canyon, you walk along neat wooden walkways, comfortable and amazingly beautiful. Thanks for great organization 🙂

2 July 2020

The canyon itself is small but pleasant. Those who are not afraid of cold water can take a dip. but you can’t sit in the water for a long time 🙂 There is a restaurant, bar and toilet. Everything was awesome.Thank you for great tour.

19 July 2020

Green Canyon is 50 shades of green 🙂 Traveled with a child of eight years old. The Green Canyon is essentially a reservoir that is located between the mountains. I really enjoyed sailing on a boat on the waters of the canyon, watching the beautiful landscapes around. The combination of water, mountains, trees is very pacifying. We thought that the child would get tired and naughty, but everything went well. On our boat, we swam into all corners of the canyon, even difficult to pass. The water constantly changes its color, depending on move of the sun and shade. There was a stop for swimming, but we did not swim – it seemed that it was cold. Then we stopped for fishing (optional) and lunch. I definitely recommend visiting this place.

29 July 2020

The bus picked us up on time. Everything was on a high standard. The first stop is banana plantations. This is certainly amazing for us! The views outside the window, while driving, were amazing.
As for the Dwarven Cave: the path is solid, stable, with railings. On the right is a rock, and on the left is a beautiful view of the mountains and forest. We saw quite large spiders there. The cave itself is large enough, often ending in dead ends, in which one cannot stand up to its full height.
Along the canyon: it is a huge gorge in which huge rocks seem to have parted to let the streams of a mountain river pass. Then the road turns into a path with railings, it is small, but not narrow, it is quite possible to disperse with oncoming tourists. A river flows below, the flow of which then intensifies and it becomes deeper and deeper. As a result, then ladders appear, along which you can go down and swim in the mountain water. It’s cold there, for my taste. The air in the canyon is very clean and enriched with oxygen, I don’t know how to explain it, but you can really feel it. If you get tired, you can get off the path. There is a place to rest, there is a fountain and a toilet. The route ends with a large and beautiful waterfall. In general, I really liked it, thank you very much.

3 August 2020

A wonderful one-day excursion from Side to Alanya for those who, like us, prefer to spend time actively. I recommend.

23 August 2020

When we read the reviews before buying, it was already clear that this was an interesting excursion) But my own impressions turned out to be beyond expectations. I’d like to share here and thank this site for such an opportunity – to see the Green Canyon, the dam on the lake, the ancient bridge and much more. Thank you very much, friends.

14 September 2020

It is definitely worth a visit. A very beautiful place with breathtaking views. Wildlife – the complete absence of civilization is felt. The excursion included a survey of the reservoir on a small yacht, fishing, swimming and a delicious lunch. The road rises up the mountain like a serpentine. The lifting height is average. The road, in my opinion, is not easy. I really liked the beauty of the nature of these places, and the color of the water is simply mesmerizing.

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