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Joining in our 5-star Side Scuba Diving Tour will turn your ordinary summer vacation in Side Antalya into a breathtaking trip under the water.

And this experience will be an undying memory in your head: If you think Antalya is very beautiful, you should see its hidden beauties.

And these beauties we mentioned can be only accessed through a top-notch diving program.

Then, you will understand the life under the surface of Mediterranean Sea is as beautiful as Side!

You might be inexperienced or a professional diver; your level does not matter in this activity:

Everyone is welcomed! Below, you can read the details and learn the entire content. Then, you will be able to make your decision.

What is included?

Free Hotel Service
Lunch & Coffee & Tea
Travel Insurance
2 Dives with 40 minutes each & Equipment
Training for Beginners
Tour Guiding (English & German)

What is not included?

Photos and Movie
Any Personal Expenses
Extra Drinks

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Towel, Swimsuit

What Can You Expect from Side Diving Program?

We will start our Side Scuba Diving Tour by picking you up from your hotel and take you to the harbor.

Thus, you can expect the ultimate comfort. Also, our boat will be very comfortable, modern and fully-equipped, too.

In this excursion, you will learn the most important things about diving and how to practice them.

Then, you will have a striking experience in the depths of the sea which includes the exotic fauna and flora of the marine.

If you choose to be on the deck, still, you will have an amazing scenery that combines the shades of blue color.

We will have fun, chat, mix to the water, get excited, take photos and of course, enjoy a delightful lunch.

In short, you will never forget this day from beginning to end.

Learn from the Masters

After the arrival, you will come aboard and we will start sailing to our exclusive diving points.

These points will provide you with the best vision under the water with their purity and wealth.

During our voyage, the professional divers and instructors will teach you everything that you should learn.

For example, you will learn how to communicate under the water by sign language, use the equipment, control your breathing etc.

In other words, even if you are inexperienced, it is not a problem.

Not Ready to Dive?

If you decide that you are not willing to dive, you can stay on the deck and enjoy the pretty landscape.

Also, breathing the iodic air and watching the divers might entertain you. You can take photos and chat with the other guests, too.

The 1st Dive: Meet the Hidden Paradise

If you are in the diving team, you will never regret your decision and you will understand it as soon as you dive:

The life under the water will charm you completely.

You will fall in love with this unique life which is rich with colorful fishes, delicate seashells, golden sands and bizarre corals.

The combination all of these beautiful pieces and more will be an immortal scene in your head.

By practicing the things that you learned on the deck, you will explore the life of the marine:

We suggest you to open your eyes widely and record every second of this experience.

Let’s Have a Break

After the first period of our Side Scuba Diving, we will come aboard again.

Since we will need to refill our energy bars to continue diving, we will have an appetizing lunch.

Also, we will sail to another diving point to diversify your diving experience.

The 2nd Dive: Revisit to the Depths

When we eat tasty foods and get to the other diving point, we will check the equipment and dive again.

This time, the gates under the water will open another dimension.

Yet, there will be no difference of the amount of fun, excitement and beauty.

You will explore the endless blue and the life in it perfectly, again.

When time is up, you will come aboard, and we will sail to the harbor.

Then, we will take you to your hotel by our comfortable vehicles.

In order to make your vacation in Turkey totally memorable, you should be a guest of our diving session. To do so, you can book this tour online or contact us 7/24!

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