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Hotel Transfer
On the Day
2 Hours

Joining in a session of Side Turkish Bath is what you need, in order to make your vacation be a real one.

What does it mean? Well, a holiday should help you get rid of the stress, boredom and tiredness, and this hammam session is specially arranged for that.

Moreover, it holds even more.

This antique tradition that comes from Romans to Ottomans, and then, from Ottomans to the current times is a real gem.

Because of its healing and cleaning effects, it should be tried at least for once in a lifetime. In a couple of hours, your body and mind will be renewed. Of course, you will learn how after reading the entire content.

Now, it is time to learn how to make your vacation in Side Antalya a very relaxing one in a couple of hours!

What is included?

Free Hotel Service
Slippers, Soap, Towels
Tea & Apple Tea
Scrub Massage
Foam Massage, Oil Massage

What is not included?

Other Massages
Personal Spendings
Extra Drinks

What to bring with you?


What Can You Expect from Side Turkish Hammam Session?

You can expect comfort, an improvement of your health, amazing cleaning session and endless feelings of relief from Side Turkish Hammam.

Yes, they will be together, and you will access this bouquet very quickly and easily: We will take you to the facility by our fully-equipped and modern vehicles.

Then, you will be in there with sincere all-professional people who are experienced in this field: So, you can expect a friendly environment.

Also, you will have a more beautiful, shining and smoother skin. In short, only in a couple of hours, you will feel the change!

Steam for Health

After picking you up from your hotel and taking to the facility, you will be welcomed warmly by the professional staff of Side Turkish Bath.

Then, they will take you to a hot-air room which resembles a sauna.

While you are having your “preparation” step, the pores on your skin will enlarge and you skin will get softer.

Basically, you will be sitting in the steam-rich room. This step will make the next practice much more effective and successful.

Also, breathing steam is very good for respiratory system. When the time is up, you will enter a room with a marble platform.

Traditional Way of Body Peeling

You will lie down on your belly on the heated marble platform. Then, professional masseuse will enter the room.

She will start scrubbing your body with a special mitten called “kese”. Then, the dead layers of your skin will be removed.

Because of its power of a giving a deep cleaning and reviving the blood circulation, this part is very beneficial.

Enjoy the Foams

After the scrubbing part, your body will be covered with a mass of foam. And you will enjoy a delicate and amazing foam massage session.

You will feel you are leaving the stress, boredom, tiredness and negativity behind.

Oil Massage for an Ultimate Relief

Then, the best part of Side Turkish Bath program will start: Oil Massage…

The masseuse will spoil your body by a massage in which natural oils are used.

This will make your skin soothed and smoother.

Also, you will find the peace and enjoy getting rid of the toxins and tiredness and letting only the positive vibes fill your body up.

After this part, you can purchase some extra items such as facemask, peeling packages or other massages and enjoy them.

To sum up, you will feel that you are having a real vacation which is meant to make you completely relaxed.

That is why, you should be a guest of our amazing hammam program! To do so, you can contact us or directly book this content online.

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