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Spend a day by sailing on the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea to get away from the people.

Our 5-star Suluada Island Boat Trip from Belek offers to make you feel perfect, provide you with a great deal of tranquility, and add a dash of adventure to your vacation.

Visit untouched bays and swim there, admire environment at its best, and fill your day with excitement, relaxation, and happiness. Now, let’s see the details!

What is included?

Transfer from / to the hotel
Guide services

What is not included?

Personal expenses (souvenirs, photos e.t.c.)
All beverages

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

Let’s Start the Day

Our magical boat journey is scheduled for the morning.

So, you will be picked up from your Belek hotel and driven to the port in a vehicle in the morning.

You’ll see the boat when we arrive: This activity is done on a large double-deck boat that will satisfy its guests perfectly.

On the decks, you can sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful views of the shoreline.

Furthermore, the boat is well prepared, and the friendly team is ready to provide you with an unforgettable experience. You’ll love it.

Sailing Starts

The magnificence of the seaside can be seen as the boat departs the harbor.

You’ll see the surrounding region contains a number of tiny, attractive, and unpolluted bays. Government has labelled the shoreline as a protected area since it is where caretta turtles lay their eggs.

Remember to snap pictures to capture some of the area’s charm and beauty. If you’re lucky enough, you can capture some tiny turtles!

Suluada Island

The first destination of Suluada Island Boat Trip from Belek is Suluada Island.

Despite its tiny size, the island is quite popular owing to its unique surroundings.

Actually, it is known for its azure sea and white sands, which resembles the Maldives.

When we arrive, jump into the sea and enjoy a refreshing swim. Don’t forget to enjoy shining sun, and sunbathe!

Time for a Tasty Lunch

The boat will begin cruising towards the next destination after having some time on the island.

During the cruise, the crew will prepare a delectable lunch using traditional Turkish dishes. Eat those yummy foods, energize your body and see why Turkish cuisine is so popular!

Akseki Bay

Next stop, Akseki Bay (aka Love Island) is another great thing of this boat journey.

It is matchless with its cave that is always filled with freezing-cold water. And it has an amazing story:

According to legend, the iconic Love Cave is filled with the tears of a girl who was forced to leave her sweetheart.

That’s why it has cold water. Sad, right?

But you shouldn’t be upset here! Take some time to relax and enjoy cold waters, and don’t forget to take some pictures.

End of Suluada Bat Trip

This ultra-relaxing boat ride comes to a close in the afternoon.

A comfy vehicle will be waiting for you when you arrive at the port. Then, we’ll take you to your hotel.

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