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Ephesus Tours from Istanbul – The Best Way to Visit the Ancient Ancestors

Ephesus tours from Istanbul are the best options among many of travelling options. Since this place is very popular both for foreign and local tourists, of course, there are many ways to access there. Yet, nothing is better than being a guest of an Ephesus excursion.

If you wonder why, we will mention the advantages of Ephesus trips later. Yet, you should already know that Ephesus is worth being known deeply, with its entire significance, and these tours are the best for it. They take you there and fill you up with a very good lecture.

Moreover, you have options that will diversify your journey in Ephesus. For example, you can join in the tours that directly takes you there and make your 24 hours unforgettable; yet, you can also make this journey long-lasting by the accommodation option.

The tours such as 2 Days Tour to Pamukkale and Ephesus and 3 Days Tour Ephesus & Pergamum & Pamukkale are very good examples of it. You can add other amazing destinations and diversify your vacation in Turkey.

However, if you insist on getting from Istanbul to Ephesus on your own, we have a little guide for you below.

How to Get to Ephesus from Istanbul?

To get to Ephesus from Istanbul, you can use three different ways of travelling. Then, you can easily select the most suitable one for you after learning their advantages and comparing them to each other.

As a general information, the distance between Istanbul and the Ancient City of Ephesus is approximately 558 kilometers.

Istanbul to Ephesus by flight

You can enjoy a quick and comfortable flight in order to mix to the ancient vibes of this amazing pale city, as quick as possible. To do so, you will take a plane from Istanbul (which airport you choose does not matter) to Izmir.

Then, you will land to Adnan Menderes Airport and take a taxi, shuttle or train to get to Selcuk. In Selcuk, there are minibuses that goes to Ephesus directly in a short time.

You can go to Ephesus by bus

If you want an economic road trip in a modern bus, you can get to Ephesus by a bus, too.

Since there is no direct transportation from Istanbul to Ephesus, you will buy a ticket to Izmir first, then, you will take another bus to Ephesus.

You will have nearly 10 hours on the roads in total.

How can you get to Ephesus by car?

As another alternative option, you might get to Ephesus by renting a car.

Especially if you travel as a group, it might be more fun and joyful. Approximately 8 hours on the roads will be spent.

However, again, we would like to remind you that the best option to get to Ephesus from Istanbul is signing up for Ephesus excursions. And now, it is the time to learn why!

Advantages of Ephesus Tour from Istanbul

We have a professional and friendly team and we offer you a delightful adventure in the ancient remains: thus, you should definitely think about it.

Because simply, the Ephesus tours we arrange combine the many good qualities.

  • For example, first of all, you will not have to deal with the transportation options and choosing one of them: We will arrange everything for you. You will only get on our vehicle and enjoy a comfortable trip.
  • If you choose Ephesus tours with accommodation, you will not pay for the hotel; the price will include it.
  • Speaking of the price, you should also know that you will not pay for the entrance fees. Also, the main and outstanding parts of Ephesus will be available without waiting in long ticket lines.
  • In all of our Ephesus tours, there will be a very professional, friendly and licensed English-speaking guide who is ready to provide you with interesting and amazing information about this mythological pale city.

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