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Gallipoli Tours from Istanbul – The Best Way to Visit the Historical Battlefield

Gallipoli tours from Istanbul are the best options among many ways to visit Canakkale, Gallipoli. Even if Canakkale and Istanbul is not that far away than each other, being a guest in a Gallipoli excursion will make the trip shorter and much more fun.

You probably wonder what makes Gallipoli tours special, if you so, you can see their advantages below. For now, we will only tell you that you can easily get rid of the responsibility of making a tour plan for yourself and the beloved ones that you travel with.

Also, in a Gallipoli trip, you can also visit Troy; in other words, you do not need to do another research to learn how to get to Troy from Istanbul. Simply, you only have a seat in the tour bus and get there.

However, you might still want to get from Istanbul to Gallipoli on your own. Then, you can read below and see your travel options.

How to Get to Gallipoli and Troy from Istanbul?

To get to Gallipoli from Istanbul, you can use three different ways of travelling. After learning their advantages and comparing them to each other, you can easily select the most suitable one for your budget, expectations and comfort. As a general information, the distance between Istanbul and Gallipoli is approximately 300 kilometers.

Istanbul to Gallipoli by flight

First of all, you should know that to get to Gallipoli by a plane, you should go to Canakkale first. In other words, there is no direct flight between Gallipoli and Istanbul.

With a 1-hour flight from Istanbul to Canakkale, you will quickly reach there. Then, you should take a bus to Gallipoli, which departs from the center of Canakkale.

You can go to Gallipoli by bus

You can take a bus that directly goes from Istanbul to Gallipoli. The duration will last for 4 hours approximately, including the duration of ferry trip.

It is possible to get to Gallipoli by car

Lastly, you can rent a car and leave Istanbul behind! Especially if you do not stop at anywhere, you can get to Gallipoli in 3 hours. Yet, we suggest you to learn the departure hours for ferryboats, or else you might have to wait for a short time.

Of course, we cannot know about your program; yet, if you do not have one yet, we highly recommend you to benefit from the advantages of Gallipoli tours! Below, you will find the details… get ready to get convinced!

Advantages of Gallipoli Tour from Istanbul

Our team consists of professional and friendly members, and we offer you an impressing and informative trip in a captivating battlefield: thus, you should definitely think about it. Because simply, our daily Gallipoli excursion combines the top-notch qualities.

  • First of all, you will not have to deal with the transportation options that we mentioned above and choosing one of them: We will handle everything for you. The only thing you should do is get on our vehicle and enjoy a comfortable trip.
  • In a day, you will visit both Gallipoli and Troy!
  • You will not pay for the entrance fees; the price will include it. Also, you will not wait in ticket lines, too!
  • Since we have a professional and licensed tour guide who is also very friendly and fluent in English, you will have a joyful and information-rich time during out Gallipoli tour in Canakkale.

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