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Getting from Istanbul to Pamukkale is one of the most preferred ways of tourists who would like to leave the crowd and uproar of Constantinople and cleanse their eyes through the delightful whiteness! If you know some general facts about Pamukkale, you probably immediately understood what we talk about: Pamukkale is the pure beauty with white and baby-blue!

Even if you should travel to another region of Turkey (from Marmara region to Aegean Region) you will adore every second of your journey on the roads. Because when you arrive to Pamukkale Mountain and start walking on its warm surface, you will get rid of the tiredness completely.

Now, let us give you more information about traveling to Pamukkale from Istanbul, since we would like you to enjoy your vacation in Turkey to the fullest.

To do so, you should visit this Word Heritage of UNESCO, Pamukkale, too… And you will, through the best way: Pamukkale tours…

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Pamukkale Tours from Istanbul – The Best Way to Visit “Cotton Castle”

Pamukkale Tour from Istanbul is the best option to visit Pamukkale quickly and easily. Moreover, it has many advantages, too. We will talk about all of them later, in details.

Among all of the Turkey tours, Pamukkale tours are the ones of the most popular options.

Especially the tourists who would like to explore famous Pamukkale travertines, natural thermal waters, the Ancient City of Hierapolis and Cleopatra Pool by learning about them deeply (and in a day) do not waste their time by trying to make their own plan. And we highly recommend you to be one of them.

Moreover, you can make your day(s) even more dynamic through the more comprehensive tour options. For example:

  • 2 Days Tour to Pamukkale and Ephesus will help you to visit two outstanding UNESCO sites of Turkey. At the end of very energetic 48 hours, you will be filled up with the ancient spirits of Romans and Byzantines!
  • If you would like to enjoy a delightful triangle, you can join in 3 Days Tour Ephesus & Pergamum & Pamukkale too, by adding the destination of Pergamum.

Of course, you might think a trip to Pamukkale on your own might suit you better; then, you can read below and decide how you should get there.

This list includes in the most popular travelling options from Istanbul to Pamukkale.

How to Get to Pamukkale from Istanbul?

To get to Pamukkale from Istanbul, you can use three different types of transportation systems.

By learning their advantages and comparing them to your own travel program and appetite, you can easily select the most suitable one.

As a general information, the distance between Istanbul and Pamukkale is approximately 622 kilometers.

Istanbul to Pamukkale By Flight

Since the distance is a little bit far, you might not want to spend a lot of time on the roads; and a flight is a very good solution for it.

If you want to get to Pamukkale from Istanbul as quickly as possible, you should arrange a flight.

  • There are two airports in Istanbul (in the Asian and European sides), and you should select the closest one, because both of them have flights to Pamukkale.
  • Then, you will have a 1-hour-10-minute flight.
  • You will land to the Denizli Cardak Airport. In there, you can take a bus or taxi to get to Pamukkale. The trip will approximately take 1 hour.

You can go to Pamukkale by Bus

You can also enjoy a bus trip, which is more economical that a flight. In a modern and fully-equipped bus, you will have an approximately 9-hour road trip.

You might sleep, read or listen to music enjoy the trip better!

It is possible to get to Pamukkale by Car

Lastly, you can get from Istanbul to Pamukkale by a car ride.

Especially if you are travelling as a group of friends and family, it might be more economical and comfortable. With a non-stop journey on the roads, you can get there in 8 hours.

If you cannot decide one of which you should select to begin your adventure, perhaps deciding is not your thing: Let us take you to Pamukkale from Istanbul by our Pamukkale tours with many advantages.

Advantages of Pamukkale Tour from Istanbul

If you decide to become one of our lovely and lucky guests, you will be able to benefit from many advantages, as we mentioned below. Regardless of being a solo traveler or travelling as a couple, a group of friends or a family, you will have the best time in the “cotton castle”, Pamukkale.


  • You will not have to deal with the transportation process: We will arrange everything for you. We will pick you up from Istanbul by our fully-equipped vehicles and take you to Pamukkale.
  • If you choose to sign up for Pamukkale tours with accommodation, you should know that we will take you to your hotel at the end of the travel day. In other words, you will not get more tired!
  • Speaking of the accommodation, there is no extra charge for staying in the hotels that we will arrange.
  • The price will include the entrance fees, expect some specific areas. Also, you will not wait in lines; we will arrange everything for you.
  • In all of our Pamukkale excursions, there will be a professional and licensed English-speaking guide who will give you interesting and amazing information about the places that we will visit.
  • And also, we will enjoy a delightful lunch all together!

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