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Signing up for our amazing event called Turkish Night in Istanbul will make your vacation in Istanbul definitely unforgettable for you.

If you wonder why, we would like to say that you will have a bouquet of Turkish culture! The flowers in this bouquet will entertain and inform you at the best way. And you will know a lot of new things about Turkish culture at the end of the night!

This learning progress will be the best one, and it will definitely please your mouth, eyes, mind and soul at the same time. If you think how it might be possible, we would like to suggest you keep reading.

After learning the program of this nightly event, you will want to reserve your seat as quick as possible!

What is included?

Main Course ( Selection of Fresh Fish Sea Bass Grilled or Kebap or Chicken or Veg Dishes )
Hotel Transfer in the City Centre (Both Ways)
Aubergine with Tomato Sauce
English Speaking Professional Guide
Turkish Appetizer Mezze Plate
Unlimited Soft Drinks
Seasonal Fresh Salat
Pastry with Cheese

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Alcoholic Beverages

What Can You Expect from This Event?

Now, let us give you some clues about what will happen in there: We will take you to the facility first, by our modern, fully-equipped and safe vehicles. Then, you will be led to the entrance by the sincere and friendly staff of the restaurant, which is another special thing that belongs to Turkish culture: hospitality.

You will have a seat in an elegant table, surrounded by a matchless atmosphere. Then, you will enjoy delicious local foods and drinks, different types of dance shows such as folk dance and belly dance, and hear a harmonic Turkish music.

The laughter, fun, amazement and delight will be the keywords of this night.

Perfection of Turkish Cuisine

Turkish Night in Istanbul will prove you the claims that Turkish cuisine is the best cuisine in the world. Thanks to its wealthy menu, you will have a chance to taste different types of foods and beverages which will whet your appetite.

Meats, mezzes, salads, pastries, desserts and more can be chosen to enrich your appetite.

If you contact us, you can learn the entire menu and start hearing the impatient voices of your stomach!

The hot, sweet, cold and delightful flavors will make your night completely tasty. You will not even get upset for getting some calories; because every bite and sip will be worth taking!

Folk Dance Performance & Belly Dance Show

Then, a group of professional dancers will come to the stage. They will be in their special, traditional clothes and accessories. And they will perform unique dances that represent the different region of Turkey.

Since they have special moves, motives and music, you will witness the change and colorfulness.

Of course, the most exciting part of Istanbul Turkish Night event will be the belly dance show. In their shining, colorful and elegant costumes, beautiful dancers will come to the stage.

Then, they will start moving their hips, bellies, arms and legs smoothly to make you charmed. And we are sure that you will be hypnotized.

Under the lights, they will fill you up with admiration and amazement. At the end of their show, you will probably not be able to stop applauding them!

Live Music

During the whole night, you will have a chance to listen to amazing rhythms of classic Turkish music. It will relax your mind and soul and inspire the artist in you. The harmony of the songs will make you feel an ultimate peace.

In a nutshell, you will learn the Turkish culture at the best way: By living it! And this experience will be an immortal one. You will always remember those hours with a smile on your face!

If you want to spoil yourself for a night, you can book this program online or contact us easily!

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