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Attending to show “Whirling Dervishes in Istanbul” is one of the favorite events of tourists who visit Turkey and would like to explore the authentic side of Turkish culture deeply. Instead of only seeing some of the significant buildings or natural wonders of the places they visit, and return to their hotels to get rest in the evening, they do more: They keep learning one of the most important impacts on Turkish culture by being a guest of Whirling Dervishes show.

If you would like to fill your day up with peace, authenticity, learning, the mozaics of Turkish culture and unique vibes, you can be one of those tourists we mentioned above. Yes, you will be our guest and enjoy this serene event for a couple of hours. Then, you will collect some memories that you will never forget.

Now, if you are or plan to be in Istanbul, let us give you more details about this evening program to help you decide more easily.

What Can You Expect from This Event?

Being a guest of Mevlevi Sema Ceremony is what you need to ornament one of your evenings in Istanbul. Simply, this show will show you the mystical journey of dervishes while they are searching for God. They will do it in their unique costumes and moves, in such a special atmosphere. Then, you will get charmed and amazed due to their balance, smoothness and pure energies.

Since you will learn the story behind these moves, you will also have a chance to expand your cultural accumulation. If you are an artist, especially, this ceremony will be a very good source to get inspired of. Moreover, at the beginning, there will be an exclusive music performance given by a professional orchestra. Thus, you will listen the delightful melodies of Turkish music.

Also, soft drinks will be provided by the facility.

Hodjapasha Culture Center

Now, let us help you to imagine where we will go and enjoy this unique show by introducing you the place: Hodjapasha Culture Center.

You should know that this place will give you striking vibes through its exterior and interior design, since it was converted from an ancient (550-year-old) Turkish Hammam to a cultural center. That is why, it still has that “feeling” in its lines.

It is also very nice place with a nice location: It is located in Sirkeci, next to Topkapi Palace Walls and Sirkeci Train Station. Thus, it is easily can be accessed.

The Breathtaking Ceremony

You will enter the facility and have a seat, and after a while, the classic Turkish music will start. For 15 minutes, you will enjoy the relaxing and artistic rhythms of the melodies and cleanse your soul. You will leave behind the tiredness and stress of the day, and mix to the authentic atmosphere.

Then, a short break will follow. During this break, the friendly and professional staff of the facility will give you Turkish soft drinks and Turkish delights, which will show the “delicious” side of Turkish culture. After having a sweet flavor in your mouth, the main part of the ceremony will begin.

The dervishes will come to the platform and start whirling under the special lightening. With an amazing synchronicity and harmony, they will turn and represent the want of reaching to God. The mystical and divine feelings will capture your soul!

In a nutshell, after 2 hours in Hodjapasha Culture Center, you will grow special feelings up for Turkish culture.

To sum up, you can crown the beauty of your evening in Istanbul by joining in one of the most “mystical” Istanbul tours: show “Whirling Dervishes in Istanbul”. To do so, the only thing you should do is to book it online or contact us!

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