Private Yacht Rental in Istanbul

If you ever get a chance to visit Istanbul, there is one thing you will not want to miss; Bosphorus yachting. Or wouldn’t you love to explore the great city of Istanbul from the sea? Yacht rental in Istanbul is the most logical decicion in your vacation.
We have a collection of classy yachts that will cruise you around as you enjoy the magnificent view of various sites in Istanbul. We deliver quality services and sometimes, we also provide international cuisine in our yachts.

Explore Bosphorus By Yacht

So, whether you have a special event or you just want to have some fun with friends and family, Bosphorus is the ideal place for such. We give you an opportunity to create beautiful memories in a luxurious and comfortable environment. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a part with friends, a birthday party, engagements party or a team building events with your colleagues at work. Our work is to make sure that you get the best out of every single coin you pay.
Planning a surprise proposal for your fiancée or where to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Your fiancée will not think of saying anything else but a ‘YES’ if you give her such an outstanding proposal. We will make your dream come true because that is what we do. You could also celebrate your engagement ceremony or wedding in a different and classy way; Bosphorus yachting is the only way you can have your loved one see the other romantic side of you; you will give them a reason to always be glad that they chose you.
But hey, out Bosphorus yachting services is all not about love; it’s about many other things such as a graduation party for your daughter, son or with your friends. If you are also releasing a new product to the market, or you are promoting your products, there is no better way than doing it in one of our chic yachts.
As part of your team building events, we could also take you on a fishing tour. And on request, we can also arrange for swimming. Also, in case you are looking for a unique way to entertain your clients and fans, our yachts will be there for you. So, instead of entertaining them in a club, why not do it in a different environment? Whether you will be performing live music, dancing, or talent shows, try our yachts. We never disappoint.
And if your sole business is travel, we will tour you around Istanbul. You will have an entire day to see different sites in Istanbul, take photos and learn more about the place. Our tours include a visit to the Princes’ Islands, Bosphorus, and the Black Sea as well as the Golden Horn tour.
And like all that is not enough, our meals are also something you will savor with a smile on your face. We provide breakfast, nutritious brunch, sumptuous lunch, and luxurious dinner. To add on that, we offer cocktail cruises.
Well, that may sound like too good to be true? But yes, that’s what we are best at. Make a date with us and you won’t regret it.

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