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Book a place for you and the people that you love in our Yalova tour to diversify your Turkey travelling journey.

If you are in Istanbul and think of new adventures, new places and gaining knowledge, you can join to us to travel in Iznik and Yalova.

Full of historical and cultural background, you will see the magnificent architecture of Ottoman Empire era in Iznik; the natural beauties; and also, you will have the chance for enjoying amazing events in there.

Step by step, let us inform you about what our daily Yalova tour from Istanbul will be like.

  • Adults:€60
  • Children (7-12):€60
  • Infants (3-6):€40
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  • Tour Days: Everyday
  • Time: 09:00 – 20:00

Please note that all of our tours and activities include free pickup and drop off services for all participants. As such, collecting all participants might sometimes take longer than expected causing delays regarding the start and end of our tours. We kindly request all participants be ready for pickup and drop off by the shuttle service in the time frame specified here. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tour Programme – Iznik Hagia Sophia Building
– Lefke Gate
– Iznik Museum
– Green Mosque
– Ceramists Bazaar
– Lunch at Iznik Lake
– Sudüşen Waterfall
– Thermal Village
What is included? Hotel pick-up and drop-off services from centrally located hotels by A/C transportations
English Speaking Professional Guide
What is not included? Tips
Personal expenses
What to bring with you? Comfortable shoes
Warm clothing

Money for personal expenses
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  • The tour includes pickups from hotels in Sultanahmet or Taksim area. There will be an extra charge for pickup service from other locations.
  • Child aged 0-2 free of charge, %30 discount for child aged under 7 years old.
  • This tour is regular. Please contact us for private tour options.

Iznik Hagia Sophia Building

Firstly, in our daily Yalova Iznik tour, after picking you up from the hotel that you stay, going to the Asian side of Istanbul and reaching Yalova to take a ferry to Bursa, we will drive until we go to Iznik, a district of Bursa, when we get off the ferry.

The first place in our program will be Iznik Hagia Sophia which has been built by Byzantines as a basilica, in the 6th century. After the conquest of the city in 1331, it has been converted into a mosque by Ottomans.

Since 1932, however, it only serves as a museum which involves the things that promise to excite you with its unique building structure divided as 3 periods of time; and its fame for being the place of meeting of Second Council of Nicaea (Iznik), which is important for Christianity.

Lefke Gate

We will continue our Yalova tour by visiting Lefke Gate, the biggest city gate among all of them. At the eastern part of the town that has (presumably) located in 4th century in there, Lefke Gate stands. It goes along as a corridor and at the left side of the gate, there is a frieze and drawings of human figures on it.

It is an important structure to enlighten the map of the ancient site and knowledge about the lives in it; at least by making an inference. Also, when you get there, you will feel the flowing energy of all of the civilizations that have been there and this matchless feeling will inspire your soul.

Iznik Museum

The next step in our Yalova Iznik tour, we will go to Iznik Museum, which has been built at the request of Sultan Murad I, dedicated to the memory of his mother Nilufer Hatun, in 1388. In Republic era, it has been used as a storage; in 1960, however, it was converted into a museum.

Among many significant features of Iznik Museum, the most important one is its structure: The building is the first example of reversed “T” plan in Ottoman architecture which have affected many architects of Ottoman era.

Also, it is rich in design since it consists of a dome and cradle vaults, and rich and colorful stone and brick crafting which reflects the Byzantine architecture style.

Thus, the hybrid especially will get the attention of ones who adore photography and architecture. Inside of the building, Prehistoric, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine jewelry and coins; ancient ceramic materials and Iznik tile examples have been presented to your interest.

Green Mosque

According to our daily Yalova excursion program, we will move on to the Green Mosque after we leave Iznik Museum. At the request of Sultan Celebi Mehmet, between 1415 and 1419, the mosque has been built by architect Hacı Ivaz Pasha. It consists of a mausoleum (tomb), madrasah, cultivation and Turkish Baths; and even these are not the things what makes Green Mosque is popular.

With its intense quality of tile works, Green Mosque is the most outstanding figure of Bursa. The interior design is like a collection of different types of art; dominantly the architecture and the tile.

The work which consists of blue, turquoise and especially green is so beautiful that you will understand why Bursa is titled as “Green Bursa”. Your eyes will be pleased very much, and of course, your artistic soul will be full of excitement.

Ceramists Bazaar

Of course, your time during our Yalova day trip will pass quickly by learning and enjoying the art and anciency. That’s why, make you remember to spoil yourself and the ones you love and who wait for you to return, we will visit ceramic bazaars; thus, you will shop as much as you want, for yourself or them. In any case, let the handmade ceramics ornament your lovely house.

The 5th biggest lake of Turkey, Iznik Lake will welcome us all. We will enjoy the view during we eat our delicious dishes. Near the lake, surrounded by a fresh air and amazing smells and tastes of meals, it is going to be satisfying lunch in every way.

Sudüsen Waterfall

The Iznik part of our Yalova Iznik tour overs after the lunch, and we get back on the vehicle to reach Yalova; specifically, to visit Sudusen (Sudüşen) Waterfall.

The waterfall locates at a district called Termal (means “thermal”), and it is a natural beauty of Yalova. It is at the center of the intense green of the trees and grasses, the rattles of it echo and make its visitors peaceful.

The atmosphere is probably what you all need; the fresh air, silence, tranquility, nature, calmness… And of course, it will make your landscape photographs unique like they have been captured in heaven. Thus, you are highly recommended to carry your camera with you.

Thermal Village

Before departing Yalova, you will have an unforgettable relief by swimming into the thermal pool which is filled with natural, hot and full of mineral water. Indeed, that is why, the village we will go is named as Thermal.

At our last stop in Yalova Iznik tour, you can benefit from the swimming pool to swim and private rooms to take a shower there. What is better than the warmth of the water which is pure and natural; especially before taking to the roads? Nothing, you will see.

To sum up, by enrolling in Yalova Iznik tour, you will gather knowledge about Byzantine and Ottoman era architecture, art and life; also, you will become one with nature. Therefore, if you are interested in, you should definitely join us!

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