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The list of things to do in Fethiye is full of wonderful items that can provide you with the exact vacation you dream of. That being said, we would like to welcome you to the mixture of the dark blue Mediterranean Sea and a striking nature If you want to plan a vacation that could meet your expectations in every way imaginable, you are at the right place.

Before learning why in details, let us give some general information, thereby making you become well-informed about your upcoming travel destination-Fethiye.

Fethiye map – Where is Fethiye located?

Fethiye is a town of Mugla, which can be reached from almost any city in Turkey by bus or car. From Istanbul to Fethiye about 8.30 hours drive. From Izmir – 4. From Antalya – about 2.45.

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Weather in Fethiye


A Lovely Summer Holiday

Among many things to do in Fethiye, enjoying the summer to the fullest is at the top. With its virgin bays, long beaches and fresh waters, the place will give you the sense of having a summer vacation in a piece of heaven. Since all of the swimmable corners of Fethiye also present amazing natural views, you will never get enough of it. If you want to turn something usual such as a summer vacation concept into a matchless experience, you will successfully do it here.
The beaches of Fethiye such as world-wide famous Oludeniz, Help Beach, Calis Beach, Karaot Beach, Patara Beach, Kidrak Beach and Inlice Beach will provide you with an amazing swimming session. Some of these beaches are free to enter; and in all of them you can rent sunbeds and an umbrella. As an important note here, you should know that generally the depth of the Mediterranean Sea gets higher quickly in the seaside; therefore, you should be careful if you are not good at swimming.

Bays and Boat Trips in Fethiye

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Fethiye excursions is boat trip… Even if there are many options, for sure, these beaches can be very crowded, since they are both accessible and affordable. And as an alternative option here, we would like to mention bays of Fethiye, which are incredibly beautiful, blessed by Mother Nature. Kabak Bay, Katranci Bay, Turunc Pinari Bay, The Valley of Butterflies, Kuleli Bay, Aksazlar Bay, Kucuk Boncuklu Bay and Buyuk Boncuklu Bay. Certainly, they are less crowded since they are a little bit harder to access. Speaking of accession, some of these bays can be visited by a car or a minibus; yet, the best ones can only be visited by a boat. Therefore, we highly recommend you to add “enrolling in boat tours in Fethiye” to your list of things to do in Fethiye in summer.

The majority of things to do in Fethiye is for summer time

Moreover, there are many places to see in Fethiye with many things you can do. In general, it can be said that for a perfect summer vacation, for uniting with the pure nature and for enjoying amazing activities, this city is one of the best choices in Turkey; since it can offer them all.

Unite with the Nature

What makes Fethiye unique among other holiday resorts is its closeness to the nature, for sure. Indeed, all of the places to visit in Fethiye are in the center of wonders of natural beauties; therefore, one of the most important things to do in Fethiye is uniting with the nature.
Saklikent National Park and Saklikent Canyon, The Road of Likya, Gizlikent Waterfall, Yesil Valley and Babadag are amazing examples of natural pieces of Fethiye, and all of them will welcome you if you are a nature lover. If you are both a nature lover and a curious traveler who wants to get information about culture and history, you will find the perfection in places such as ancient city of Tlos, ancient city of Pinara, ancient city of Sidyma, ancient city of Araxa, ancient city of Telmessos and the theatre, Candianda, Letoon, The Abbey of Afkule, Kibyra, Castle, King Tombs and Amintas Rock Graves. After visiting these places, do not forget to go to Old Town to buy some souvenirs and enjoy the dynamic atmosphere.

Join the Activities

When you visit Fethiye, there are must-do Fethiye excursions to enjoy that you should not return without trying them.
To spend exciting times on the lands of Fethiye, you can enroll in horse safari, jeep safari or ATV safari and get full of adrenaline. If you prefer being close to the sea rather than the terrain, you can join in scuba diving tours to be able to unite with the shades of blue of Mediterranean Sea. To experience high-level thrill, though, you can give a chance to paragliding over Oludeniz and enjoy breathtaking moments.

Fethiye is a district of Mugla, which is located along the Mediterranean Sea

As an interesting fact, the name is derived from “Makri”, which means “distant vale” in ancient Greek. Yet, fortunately, this city is not distant at all, it is accessible from other cities, and even countries. Indeed, 150.000 population multiplies to millions in certain months, as an example to this accessibility. Of course, it is not all about it; Fethiye is so beautiful that it deserves to be seen by millions, anytime. Even though it is beautiful in any season or month, local or foreign tourists prefer to come here in summer. This is very understandable given the pretty beaches and bays in the middle of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular excursions in Fethiye?

What are the best tours in Fethiye for couples?

These are the best tours for couples in Fethiye:

What is the closest airport to Fethiye?

The closest airport to Fethiye is Dalaman International Airport. The distance is about 45 km.

What boat excursions can I take?

Boat trips are the popular one amongst the Fethiye excursions… We listed the most preferred boat trips below:

How many kilometers are there between Fethiye and Oludeniz?

They are close to each other, approximately 16 km between them.

How was the weather in Fethiye last year?

January +18 °C +13 °C
February +17 °C +15 °C
March +17 °C +17 °C
April +18 °C +21 °C
May +21 °C +25 °C
June +24 °C +29 °C
July +27 °C +33 °C
August +28 °C +33 °C
September +27 °C +30 °C
October +25 °C + 25 °C
November +22 °C +20 °C
December +20 °C +15 °C