Welcome to our page where you can find the best Marmaris boat rental options at affordable prices! Below you can find our wide portfolio of private boats that we have meticulously selected and listed down for you.

With this service, you can sail to the bays around Marmaris on a daily or weekly basis. You can spend your leisure time with your lover, family, friends (or all together!) in these natural, amazing spots. Got excited? Well, here are your options, then!

Daily Boat Rental in Marmaris

You can rent a daily private boat up to 30 people and choose the boat you want from the list below according to the number of people. We have our wide-ranging options appealing to both your comfort and budget.

Weekly Boat Rental in Marmaris

You can also choose the weekly boat rental service to have an amazing holiday with your beloved ones in Marmaris. These boats usually depart for 7 days, from Saturday to Saturday. In this category, you can create your request for the boat that you like.

Boat Charter Information / Request Form

Information about the boats below is updated. You can fill out the form to get further information and price offer!

    Wide-Ranging Portfolio

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    Marmaris Boat 7

    Daily 5 capacity 3 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 3

    Daily 5 capacity 2 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 6

    Daily 5 capacity 2 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 40 (MCV)

    Daily 12 capacity 2 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 18 (MCB)

    Daily 10 capacity 2 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 2

    Daily 12 capacity 2 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 4

    Daily 20 capacity 1 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 39 (BRK)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Marmaris Boat 8

    Daily 8 capacity 1 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 38 (DRVN)

    Overnight 6 capacity 3 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 37

    Overnight 4 capacity 2 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 1

    Daily 12 capacity

    Marmaris Boat 9

    Overnight 12 capacity 2 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 31 (LDV)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Marmaris Boat 27 (JAC)

    Overnight 12 capacity 2 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 26

    Daily 5 capacity

    Marmaris Boat 25 (WSH)

    Daily 10 capacity

    Marmaris Boat 23 (MRB)

    Daily 20 capacity

    Marmaris Boat 21 (CAS)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Marmaris Boat 19 (AOK)

    Overnight 5 capacity 2 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 10 (Zeus)

    Daily 12 capacity 2 cabin

    Marmaris Boat 5

    Daily 20 capacity

    Why Should You Rent a Boat in Marmaris?

    Would you like to sail to the most beautiful coasts, beaches, natural formations, shores, coves and islands lined up around Marmaris and have a great mood while doing this? If your answer is “yes”, you should embrace the concept of Marmaris boat rental, which any ordinary type of vacation cannot beat!

    Advantages of Marmaris Yacht Charter

    When it comes to vacation, a package that brings together high quality features comes to mind first. For example, comfort, peace, entertainment and being away from the stress are some fundamental examples of these qualities.

    And now, you have a chance of gathering up all of them on aboard, and sail to the best spots of Aegean Sea, while watching Marmaris’s perfection. And we will gladly help you on that via our Marmaris Boat Rental service!

    Let’s talk a little bit about what advantages you will get if you decide to join us.

    Marmaris with Its Magnificent Beauty

    Close your eyes and imagine yourself in Marmaris: The sweet, warm weather, lush pine forests, shining sun, lovely settlements, deep blue sea and flower scents… With its nature and energy, Marmaris is a rare place that can take your soul to different dimensions.

    • View Its Beauty from the Deck

    You can observe this magnificent city with a different perspective, in pleasure. In a boat, you can observe the hybrid of blue and green colors extending as far as the eyes can see, the white coastline, striking natural formations, and dance of white foams on the turquoise sea…

    So, don’t limit your options and feel like you have to spend your time in a room or crowded public areas: You have the plan B.

    The Best Way to Get Leisure-Time Needs

    Marmaris’s beauty is a magnet that will pull you to its heart. So, when you feel you are ready, stop the engine and jump off the boat at the point where you want to dive into the waters, and mix to refreshing waters! You can also sit or lie down on comfortable sun beds and outside and enjoy sunbathing or the coolness of the shade.

    In your boat, you are in control of spending your free time as you wish!

    Elegance and Luxury

    Besides from their comfort, our boats are quite beautiful with their design and elegance, which suit our quality of Marmaris Boat Rental service. While watching the surroundings, your eyes will be feasted upon the boat; because whichever boat you rent, it’ll have an exquisite elegance!

    Isolated and Safe Vacation

    Aside from all these great features, we also offer you complete safety: You will enjoy an isolated and magnificent holiday with the boats we offer, which will take you away from the crowds and uproar.

    In addition, we would like to add that all hygiene and safety precautions are strictly taken by us.

    The Best Marmaris Boat Rental Service

    To sum up, if you have read our article and you are interested in our offer, then we are looking forward to introducing you to our wonderful boats!

    You can easily contact us and give information about your dream holiday, and you can get feedback from us accordingly. We will gladly answer your questions 7/24!