Izmir Port Excursions are best excursions for explorers who like walking, sightseeing and being surrounded by amazing sceneries and energetic life! At this point, formerly known as Smyrna, one of the most important harbor cities in ancient times, Izmir is giving you priceless opportunities. Connecting to the Roman era, seeing globally-famous historical monuments, enjoying delightful sceneries and nature are only some of them…

Below, you can and see some tour options all of which we arrange delicately, and make your mind up about joining us!

Izmir – One of the Best Cities to Visit in Turkey

Known with a deep history, amazing holiday resorts, matchless sceneries and perfect location, Izmir is a legendary city. That is why, visiting this lovely port city is one of things to do in Turkey. Nearly none of the travelers who did that regretted later.

One of the best Izmir Port Excursions is Izmir City Tour, in which you explore the 3rd biggest city in Turkey that is also a natural harbor city. As you can easily guess, you will have a walk along the seaside of Izmir and see the most important landmarks as well. In other words, while you are finding peace through the sea’s scent and flying seagulls around, you will explore Izmir’s importance over and over again.

Ephesus – Historical Part of Izmir

Of course, Izmir’s importance is not only based on its city center. It actually has amazing ancient cities all over the city, even in the most distant parts. One of these cities is a globally-famous, UNESCO World Heritage one. The Ancient City of Ephesus…

Ephesus is a very old port city in Selcuk district of Izmir. It welcomes travelers all around the world. Then, it shows its pale and well-deserved beauty through marble columns, acropolis, grand theatre, churches, baths… During your walk in the vast city, you will understand why it was assigned as a world heritage.

By joining in our related Izmir port excursions, you can explore this lovely Roman city!

Pergamon – An Ancient Site in Izmir

In other corner of Izmir, in Bergama district, there is another ancient city called Pergamon. It becomes more and more popular by global travelers every year, and reaches out more and more audience. History and mythology lovers cannot get enough of it.

In related tours we arrange, you can visit Pergamon which was established at the top of a hill and offer lovely panoramic view. Also, the city has perfect landmarks such as gates, altars, roads and columns, and it will never fail at surprising you!

That is why, you should visit there for a time-travel to Hellenistic eras!

Best Izmir Port Excursions

As an experienced travel agency arranging tours in 10+ locations, we promise you offering the best Izmir Port Excursions, too. You will take a walk along with us in groups led by professional tour guides and know amazing facts about places we will visit. In a day, you will explore Izmir’s best parts and learn new things. The day will be priceless.

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