Kusadasi – Ephesus Port Excursions are the best excursions for travelers who like walking, sightseeing, exploring interactively and observing sceneries. Led by professional tour guides who know Kusadasi and Ephesus perfectly, having a walk along Aegean coasts will be unforgettable memory.

Besides from breathing some fresh air and moving your body, you will also see and learn many things at once. Since, in these excursions, you will be taken to the most important cultural and historical monuments of Kusadasi and Ephesus. Now, let’s see your options in the region and learn interesting facts about these places.

Kusadasi – Pearl of Aegean

Kusadasi is famous for its lovely nature, amazing swimming experience, sunny weather and dynamic nightlife in summer. That is why, it becomes one of the most popular travel destinations in Turkey, especially when summer comes. Having a tiny island linked the coast through a tiny road provides Kusadasi with a unique look, too. The scenery resembles a bird head from the sea. As a fun fact, this is how Kusadasi took its name: Kus (kuş) means bird, and ada means island: Bird Island suits there a lot!

Yet, what makes it totally perfect is its history. During your walk in Kusadasi – Ephesus Port Excursions, the historical part of Kusadasi will grab you and you will want this never end!

Ephesus – Hellenistic Look on Aegean

Speaking of history, Ephesus deserves the credit. Ephesus is an ancient city located very close to Kusadasi, but you probably know that: This place is on UNESCO World Heritage list and globally famous. Thanks to its story dating back to Hellenistic era and being well-protected for thousands of years, this ancient city is a must-seen place for everyone.

Having significant parts such as Odeon, Celsius Library, Grand Theatre and many more, Ephesus is capable of taking you to Roman era quickly. While taking a walk among its pale city surrounded by gigantic columns, you can encounter with ancients souls, too!

Sirince Village – Embrace Humble Turkish Culture

In this area where Kusadasi and Ephesus has a very short distance, there is also another place to visit: Sirince Village. Humble, warm and sympatric place with globally-famous fruit wine production, Sirince is an extraordinary place you must visit.

Having unique houses extending along the entire village, taking a walk in Sirince will be a perfect memory. You can see the life of village life in Turkey, buy handmade souvenirs or organic foods, and take amazing photos. At the end, you will love the journey in this lovely place…

Connect with Kusadasi and Ephesus with Us

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