Skydiving in Turkey
Turkey Skydiving Tour (5)

If you are tired of walking in the tours to explore Turkey, you may want to prefer flying! Skydiving in Turkey provides this change to you: If you enroll in the program, you will be flying thousands of meters over the amazing landscape of Turkey.

Spesicifally, you’ll be flying over UNESCO World Heritage, Ephesus! At the highest level of adrenaline and bravery, you will enjoy a matchless experience. What makes it better is surely, the natural beauties of Turkey.

You will be enjoying your heart which pumps at the fastest speed and admiring an amazing view that under your feet.

If you are excited already, you can read the details about our skydiving program to learn if you can join; and if you can, what things are waiting for you!

Tandem Skydive Experience in Turkey

Since everything must be calculated in order to prevent any misfortune in skydiving in Turkey event, there is a preparation session both for the guests and the crew.

At your side, the first thing that you should know for being able to enroll in the program that you should be older than 16 years old, your weight must be between 35 and 90 kilograms and the maximum height you can have is 190 cm.
If you cannot put a check mark even one of them, you unfortunately cannot join us.

If you can, though, there are also other things to consider: You should not forget your adventurous spirit at home!

The Meeting

After arriving to departure area of skydiving, you will be able to meet the licensed, experienced and professional crew of the arrangers of Turkey skydiving program: The pilots, instructors and technical staff will welcome you.

After chatting for a while and suppressing your excitement, you will be able to take a look at the plane, and also, get it on. As a note here, the plane is totally safe, since its technical maintenance is provided regularly.

In this area, you will learn detailed information about the event and the equipment. Also, you will try how to use them with the help of the crew.

Taking Off

When everyone is ready in the plane, the flight will start.

Until skydiving part starts, the plane will keep getting higher, during this period, you can enjoy the blue shades of Mediterranean Sea, the bird-eye view of the fields and forests.

When the plane gets enough meters above the ground level, the instructors will help you to wear the equipment, and you will be ready to jump… If you can! Build up your courage and get ready this breathtaking session.

Floating over the lovely lands of Turkey

At the first 45 seconds of your skydiving activity, you will be falling as fast as a bullet; therefore, try not to blink and enjoy this uniqueness.

And do not be afraid; surely, after those incredible moments, your parachute will open automatically.

Then, you will be floating over the lovely lands of Turkey slowly and smoothly. During this session, try to observe every inch of it and enjoy its beauties that is presented for you.

When you are about to land safely, the crew will help you to land and get rid of the equipment. After that, you will say goodbye to them.

Then, we will depart and drive until taking you to your location, and when you arrive, our skydiving in Turkey program will end successfully.

For enjoying daily organizations and activities and surely tours, you can select us without hesitation. Also, we are always open to your calls or mails, if you want to contact us.

Some Special Details about Skydiving in Turkey

  • Please note that there might be delays for the flights depending on the weather conditions.
  • If you are visiting Kusadasi with a cruise ship, there is enough time for you to attend Skydiving.
  • Wear something comfortable as you will wear a jumpsuit over your clothing.
  • Children under 18 years old can skydive with the permission of their parents.
  • Minimum Age Limit: 16 Years Old
  • Maximum Height Limit: 190 cm
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 90 kg
  • Minimum Weight Limit: 45 kg

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