The Best Places to Visit in Turkey

By involving a lot of locations that are labeled with “World Heritage” by UNESCO, the list of the places to visit in Turkey is very crowded. Simply, the reason behind this crowd is the deep roots of Turkey, both as cultural and historical in the world history. From the mysterious times of unnamed civilizations to the current Turkish Republic period, Turkey has seen various civilizations, empires, wars, leading figures, events that has stroked the history. All of these cases have brought together the various sources of the tools that enlighten the history, and Turkey has risen among many countries by providing an exclusive package of information and entertainment. That is why, local or international travelers always wonder the answer of the “What are the best places to visit in Turkey?” question. Again, the answer can be very long; yet, there are some places that are more significant than the others and definitely must be seen at least for once, by everyone.

What these must-be-seen places are you may ask, and here is your answer: As a start, you may guess the first one is Istanbul, the cultural and historical center of Turkey; Cappadocia, the symbol of uniqueness; Ephesus, one of the most popular ancient cities all around the world; Pergamum, the ancient city of endless wars of capturing. Before getting start into details, be sure that you are ready to take notes of the places to visit in Turkey to be able to plan your holiday in Turkey 2020.

Among the Best Places to Visit in Turkey, The Priority of Istanbul

By being at the top of the list of the “places to visit in Turkey” in nearly all sources of information about travelling, importance of Istanbul cannot be estimated. By proving that, Istanbul has been selected as European Capital of Culture in 2010; and for many years, Istanbul is cultural, economic and historical center of Turkey, too. Because of its geopolitical location, beauty and value; Istanbul was the center of Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. That is why, Istanbul has many significant marks in time and Turkey as architectural, artistic, natural, historical, cultural or spiritual. Again, the reason why, people from all walks of life and from anywhere is recommended to visit Istanbul for once in lifetime.

One who plans to start his journey with Istanbul in the list of the places to visit in Turkey can clearly expect to witness to the era of magnificence by visiting Sultan Ahmet, Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Grand Covered Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace and more. The relics of Byzantine and Ottoman Empire will leave you speechless. Addition to that, the natural beauty of Istanbul will make you peaceful and content while you are enjoying the view of Bosphorus or walking around at Camlica Hill. Thus, you may not want to miss the chance to enroll in advantageous 2020 Istanbul tour packages with a rich-content that will please your expectations from Istanbul. To learn further information about the things to do in Istanbul and tour options you can visit the related page.

The Most Unique One Out of the Best Places to Visit in Turkey: Cappadocia

Imagine a place where you can get excited with the events which are full of adrenaline, and enjoy the natural uniqueness of geographical formations at the same time. Cappadocia, the most matchless one out of the best places to visit in Turkey, easily can provide it for you. For example, with its famous hot air balloon rides, you will be watching the dawn at the horizon, and the fairy chimneys which are naturally formed million years ago, under your feet. This combination cannot be found anywhere in world but in Cappadocia.

Of course, it is not the half of it. By enrolling in any of the tours that involves in Cappadocia you will get the chance to visit important points of Cappadocia such as Derinkuyu Underground City, Ihlara Valley, Selimiye Monastery, Pigeon Valley, Onyx Demonstration, Goreme Open Air Museum, Uchisar Castle, Love Valley, Pasabag, Devrent Valley, Pottery Workshops or Three Beauties. Besides enjoying the nature and bizarre landscape, you can also find excitement through extreme activities such as jeep safari, ATV safari, horse safari on the lacey-rocky lands, over the dusty roads through the valleys. By looking at all of these listed items, you can truly guess that Cappadocia is labeled as “World Heritage” by UNESCO. In other words, if you want to have a satisfactory holiday in every way, you can find it in Cappadocia; approved by UNESCO. To sum up, to spoil yourself and the ones that you love, make your dream holiday real by enrolling in any of the Cappadocia tours, where is one of the best places to visit in Turkey.

The Ancient Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is known as being the lands of many outstanding empires; yet, the time period that she has witnessed is actually longer. In reality, Turkey has been blessed by the touch of the anciency, especially at the western part of her. Many important civilizations have been born, lived, worked and disappeared there, by leaving significant evidences and historical, cultural impact. That is why, generally at the western region of Turkey -the Aegean Region, there are must-be-seen places to visit in Turkey, especially for the ones who are interested in the mysterious history of ancient people and their rulers, wars, trades, love, gifts… There are lots of things to count, yet, no words can describe the feeling of touching a piece of column, marble or altar that have been touched by a regular person before centuries, before being an ancient spirit. Thus,

In Izmir, there are two ancient cities under the title of “World Heritage” by UNESCO. One of them is Ephesus (in Selçuk district) and the other one is Pergamum (in Bergama district). Ephesus is known for Hellenistic and Roman settlements which are successfully protected until the current time; and Pergamum is known as an ancient Greek city. While Ephesus is a port city (however, in times, the distance between the sea and land has grown), Pergamum has been established at the top of a hill. Yet, what they have in common is to hold a great information about the life in those times. During walking among the ruins, tombs, marbles, columns, libraries, theatres, streets or altars, you can feel and learn more about them if you enroll in a daily Ephesus or Pergamum tour from Istanbul. Before enrolling, however, you can get detailed information about these must-be-seen ancient places to visit in Turkey, too, by contacting us.

Among the Important Places to Visit in Turkey, the “Whitest” One: Pamukkale

Many years ago, a mountain has dealt with a chain of chemical reactions, a volcano eruption, natural weather conditions, a flowing thermal water, people and animals. Was it able to stand still after all of these, you may wonder; indeed, it was. Besides only standing still, it also has become one of the most important places to visit in Turkey: Pamukkale. With its white, natural travertines, thermal water, white clay that has a healing power, an ancient pool that even Cleopatra has swum in and ancient city called “Hierapolis”, visiting Pamukkale should be on your list of things to do in Turkey.

By meaning “Cotton castle”, Pamukkale is the whitest place among many places to visit in Turkey in any season or month. And this whiteness is all natural; and actually, it may be good for your skin, too; if you get some white clay from puddles in the travertines. Of course, a skincare routine is not the only thing to do in Pamukkale. Also, you can climb the mountain bare foot by walking into the thermal water until you reach the top of it, and then, you can visit Hierapolis or swim into the Cleopatra pool. To conclude, if you are interested and especially if you have a limited time such as only one day, you can enroll in a daily Pamukkale tour (from Istanbul) to enjoy both nature and history at one place.

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