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There are so many things to do in Marmaris. Indeed, if you eventually speak with travelers who’ve seen Marmaris, you’ll get to learn one complaint towards it. It provides so many choices that most of the visitors feel baffled to make a decision about where to begin.

However, you don’t have to worry about that. We are here to help you to get the best places of Marmaris and the best activities in Marmaris.

There are a few locations that never ever lose their appeal regardless of how many times you may explore them. Marmaris is among those locations that have indefinitely found its place in the hearts and minds of visitors.

The majority of experienced travelers who visit Marmaris once in their life swear to visit again since they can never get enough of it.

By generously offering so many tours and attractions in Marmaris, it salutes its visitors with a smiling face and warm atmosphere.

If you are here in Marmaris to spend your vacation for a limited time, probably determining the activities to do and places to visit in Marmaris before you actually initiate your holiday may be a good idea in order to utilize your days.

That’s why we tried to provide you with some tips & recommendations about how you can have a better holiday in Marmaris and give you some advices in many aspects from what you can do to where you can eat…

You can also prefer living spontaneously and pop-in to places you see while you are passing nearby. This article may also help you to make up your mind while you are rambling around and searching for an attraction.

Let’s proceed to various breathtaking places and things to do in Marmaris so famous for travelers.

  1. Explore the Beaches of Marmaris
  2. Visit Must-See Attractions of Turkey Which Are Close to Marmaris
  3. Sign Up For Marmaris Boat Trips
  4. Eat in TurgutReis Fish Restaurant
  5. Explore Marmaris by a Bike
  6. Explore Hidden Hill of Icmeler
  7. Shop in Marmaris Grand Bazaar
  8. Get to Turgut Waterfall
  9. Dancing/Singing Fountains of Marmaris
  10. Drink in Marmaris Bar Street
  11. Visit Marmaris Castle
  12. Adventure into the Nimara Cave
  13. Visit Sariana Mausoleum in Marmaris
  14. Spoil Yourself with a Turkish Bath Session in Marmaris
  15. Enjoy Water Sports in Marmaris
  16. Visit Villages Near Marmaris
  17. Sign Up For a Marmaris Cappadocia Tour
  18. Visit Marmaris Yacht Marina
  19. Enjoy Splashing Waters in Marmaris Atlantis Water Park
  20. Have Fun in Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park
  21. Mix to the Pure Nature in Marmaris National Park
  22. Visit Iyilik Kayaligi Archeological Park of Marmaris

1) Explore Marmaris Beaches

Among many activities in Marmaris, visiting its beaches should be your priority. Regardless of whether you go to Marmaris for a month or a week, your exploration has to begin at the beach.

Indeed, Marmaris is famous for its beaches. You’ll be able to go with getting a tan or walking along the long beach. There are lots of pubs, restaurants and bars. You are going to absolutely adore the atmosphere and simply relax.

Essentially, if you’re one of such people that don’t wish to stick to any plans while on a trip, Marmaris is well suited for you as well. Just spend your time sampling the local delicacies, taking naps or reading at the beach.

Besides being well known for its outstanding beaches, Marmaris is also home to numerous little villages and neighborhoods that you could explore and spend time watching fishermen.

You should undoubtedly enjoy a meal cooked by the natives by the beach. Thus, we can say that exploring the humble lives of local people is one of the other activities in Marmaris.

  • Marmaris Icmeler Beach

Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to go past the seaside and truly discover Marmaris. If shorelines interest you, we recommend going to Icmeler.

The Icmeler Beach isn’t just stunning, but it also is a great place to fish. You may also take part in alternative water sports if you’d prefer a different experience.

A stroll through the Icmeler Shore will be all you need to replenish yourself. In brief, visiting famous Icmeler Beach is one of the must-do things to do without any doubt.

You can also read our article about “Things to do in Icmeler

2) Visit Must-See Attractions of Turkey Which Are Close to Marmaris

One of the what to do in Marmaris is benefitting from its perfect location: It is very close to two different outstanding world heritages of Turkey: Pamukkale and Ephesus.

To get from Marmaris to Pamukkale lasts roughly 3 hours and 40 minutes, and from Marmaris to Ephesus lasts 2 hours and 46 minutes. In a day, you can visit those places and expand your mind with what they provide.

  • Pamukkale and Ancient City Hieropolis

Pamukkale is located near the ruins of the Hierapolis City. Bright stalactites have formed breathtaking castles, sinks and pools. Pamukkale appears to be a fairy land in which the sinks are located adhering to the ridge. A warm and calming bath inside the thermal waters in Pamukkale is an essential experience.

  • The Ancient City of Ephesus

If the past captivates you, you ought to spend quite some time to discover the Ancient City of Ephesus, which used to be well-known as a Roman City in ancient times. You are going to really love seeing the House of Virgin Mary as well as the Temple of Artemis, which is referred to as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

If you are interested in them, participating in Marmaris Pamukkale Tour and Marmaris Ephesus Tour are other options of things to do in Marmaris for you.

3) Sign Up For Marmaris Boat Trips

The beauty of Marmaris is that you could explore the entire close by places by going on daily Marmaris excursions. Boat trips offer you amazing possibilities to discover the waters and enjoy the marine life from extremely close quarters.

Regardless of being a sea lover or searching for some peace or even excitements, we strongly recommend you to spare at least one of your days in Marmaris and complete another task on the list of things to do in Marmaris: go on a boat trip.

Different types of boat trips are available in Marmaris in order to meet with demands and satisfy every single holidaymaker. The only important thing here is, do you enjoy being in a boat and floating on the sea?

If yes, we guarantee you that the rest could be shaped as per your preferences. The best Marmaris boat trips such as;

  • Marmaris Boat Trip,
  • Marmaris Dalyan Tour,
  • Marmaris Davy Jones Pirate Boat Trip,
  • Marmaris Sedir Island (Cleopatra Beach) Boat Tour ,
  • Hisaronu Aegean Islands Boat Tour,
  • Mega Diana Boat Trip are waiting for you.

If boat trips awaken your interest but can’t decide which one to choose, may we invite you to our Marmaris excursions section where you can see further information about each type of these trips?

4) Eat in TurgutReis Fish Restaurant

If you’re one of those people who always vote for sea food for dinner or lunch, there is another option for you: don’t leave Marmaris without tasting some fresh fish or other marine products in TurgutReis Fish Restaurant.

The place is located in the center and if we mark Marmaris Castle as the starting point, you can get there by only a 15-minute walk.

The restaurant does not serve alcoholic drinks; in our opinion, their purpose might be trying to give everyone the same chance to try their food in consideration with having so many hungry clients waiting for a table outside, even though the place can be considered quite big.

Nevertheless, they serve amazing sea food that you can make sure the one in your plate used to be alive a couple hours ago! And chef’s special salad in which a huge bowl of green leaves accompanied with vegetables of season will fit perfect to your main dish. We hope you enjoy your meal as much as we do. Bon appetite!

5) Explore Marmaris by a Bike

Marmaris salutes its visitors with so many things to do in Marmaris and offers different opportunities all year long. By saying that, we are not only implementing sea attractions but also amazing pubs, cafes, streets, parks etc.

Cycling around is one of the best ways to explore all of these stuff around the area. Spare one day –your first day will be super beneficial to get to know the place- and get yourself lost in the cute narrow streets of Marmaris…

The newly constructed bicycle lane of Marmaris with 5.5 km length allows people to bike around safely and without facing with traffic. Bike rental shops in every single corner will catch your eye at very first glance.

Please keep in mind that getting quotes from two or three places is advisable to make a comparison and make a good decision. Have fun!

6) Explore Hidden Hill of Icmeler


As being local Marmaris lovers, we must say that it is almost impossible to discover every single corner of Marmaris! Yet, you can try to do it.

For instance, have you ever had a chance to look through Marmaris from the top of the hill located at the end of Icmeler region? Have you even heard of it?

No worries, you don’t need to climb the hill to catch this view. You can simply reach the spot by any vehicle, even on foot. By following the route below, you will explore one of the best hidden places of Marmaris.

  • Here is your route: Follow the road towards Icmeler direction starting from Marmaris City Center first, once you come to the end of Icmeler, you will see a path sweeping upwards. Following this path, you will encounter with this breathtaking view in a 3-minute-drive.

If you fancy enjoying some perfect waterscape accompanied with every tone of blue and green, that’s the place you’re looking for.

Let us give you a quick advice;

When the sun starts to sinks after a good long day, rally your beloved ones, grab cold drinks for each and enjoy the sunset at this unique spot.

That may even be your every-day-routine while you’re in Marmaris. Cheers!

7) Shop in Marmaris Grand Bazaar


When you start to get to know Turkey, you will see that every city has its own grand bazaar! That’s because of the great interest of the foreign tourists alongside the locals’ needs.

Some may find it strange but Turkish people doesn’t only see that it’s normal but also necessary! Once you are in Marmaris, don’t miss out to pop in to Grand Bazaar which is located in the central area where you can easily get access.

If you ever had chance to see the Grand Bazaar in İstanbul, we can only imagine how impressed you are. And if you haven’t yet to see there, we guess you have heard some of it and still wondering.

So here is a chance for you to visit a huge market like a smaller version of the one in İstanbul. Make sure that you have enough in your pocket hence you’d like to buy everything you see!

8) Get to Turgut Waterfall

One of the things definitely worth to see when you’re around is this unique waterfall can be deemed as a wonder of Marmaris.

Do you like the calming effect of the sound coming from waterfalls with a combination of perfect view full of numerous colors of green?

If you’re nodding your head to say yes right now, then well, that’s obviously the place that you shouldn’t miss out before leaving Marmaris: as a nature lover, complete another item on the things to do in Marmaris and visit Turgut Waterfall.

  • How Can You Get to Turgut Waterfall from Marmaris?

You can reach the waterfall area with a 45-minutes’ drive. Take our advice and do something good for your soul, you will be thankful!

Please take note that Turgut Waterfall is included in the program of Jeep Safari

9) Dancing/Singing Fountains of Marmaris

Would you like to see some visual fist during your daily walk in the central area of Marmaris? We can truly say that you should see the fountain display at least once in your vacation as a daily activity, which is also on the list of things to do in Marmaris.

The fountains are lit up every day during the spring/summer season but honestly the best time for the show is evening time. Watching the moves of amazing waters while dancing to the music with the colorful lights will be great for the whole family.

Also keep in mind that the attraction is completely free of charge which means everyone can take a look while walking around the city center. Hope you will enjoy!

10) Drink in Marmaris Bar Street

Marmaris is among one of the most visited destinations on earth during summer due to having many things to do in Marmaris, its amazing places to visit and lovely atmosphere. It was even described by Herodotus as “the place having the best sky in the whole universe”.

When you visit Marmaris, you will see that. And we also recommend you to see the “dark” side of it, which appears when the night comes: See the stars by getting drunk and through the laser shows in the clubs!

Don’t forget: enjoying the nightlife in Marmaris is one of the must-do things to do in Marmaris. That is why, especially if you like going out during the night, you should try visiting these areas situated in Marmaris, like the bars offering a variety of music genres and drinks. These clubs also make the nightlife in Marmaris very memorable and enjoyable for the clubbers.

The Most Popular Places to Have Fun at Marmaris Night:

  • Club Areena: This is the largest night club (open-air) in Marmaris and is usually open from 9:30 pm to 4:00 am.
  • CCCP: A famous bar that welcomes anyone above 18 years and offers great services like music and drinks all through the night.
  • Joy Club: This is the nightclub for those interested in having unlimited fun with very well picked quality vibes.
  • B-52: This is a perfect place to sip on different cocktails prepared by bartenders who are extended while dancing till the morning.
  • Andromeda: This is among the largest nightclubs in Marmaris which has a capacity of 1300 people. It has a wide terrace outside making it among the most visited clubs in Marmaris. One can have fun till 4:00 am.
  • Backstreet Disco: It has a seating area located in the balcony and bamboo furniture that is designed uniquely. They serve music (first class) to the visitors from night till morning.
  • Greenhouse Club: This dance club has great service and various types of music, parties, night shows and DJs.
  • Rock bar Marmaris: This bar has special events and parties often and is mainly for the lovers of rock music.

The above-mentioned clubs are the heart of Marmaris nightlife and make it very memorable and many people always want to come back.

11) Visit Marmaris Castle

Marmaris Castle is one of the most important historical spots in Marmaris, Turkey, and that is why, visiting Marmaris Castle is one of the most must-do things to do in Marmaris. You will learn all of the details when you visit it, yet, to awaken your interest, we will share some facts about it.

  • It is estimated that The Castle in Marmaris dates back to 3000 BC, but it was rebuilt in 1522 by Ottoman Sultan Suleiman. There is a small museum included in the castle to people enjoy their visit while looking through some ancient artefacts.
  • The Castle lost an important part during World War I because of the French forces. It was however restored in 1983. In 1991, Castle Museum in Marmaris was opened. The Marmaris Castle Museum exhibits amphorae, tombstones, figurines, oil lamps and other discoveries from surrounding archaeological sites, including from Knidos and Datca.
  • The castle location offers stunning views of the sea and the town below. When you visit the castle, your trip will not be over till you have taken a hike up the hill which is not a very hard thing to do. The castle itself has an eye captivating architecture and a person can stumble upon some amazing and fun facts.
  • The visit fee is 5 Lira per person and it takes under an hour to go through the whole castle. It is a great place to take some photos, and have a snack at the nearby café.

12) Adventure into the Nimara Cave

Visiting Nimera Cave is one of the most significant items on the list, because this fascinating historical landmark has been a keystone relic, aging all the way back to the late second century A.D. Scientists have discovered that the cave acted as a sacred worshiping area for the habitats of the Marmaris, Turkey.

Rituals and religious practices were held here by the people, in honor of the Gods; in particular Goddess Leto, who was the mother of the God Apollo. Rock formations towering around thirty meters high; in the shape of a semi-circle, give tourists a sense of awe in respect to the cultural perspectives the people of Marmaris, and what it was like to live there many years ago. Being located at the highest point of the island this landmark is a must see for any person wishing to visit Turkey.

With breathtaking views, and a connection to the historical past of the culture of Turkey; this cave is a sight to see for anyone who enjoys traveling during their holiday.

13) Visit Sariana Mausoleum in Marmaris

Are you interested in history, war or prophets? If so, The Sariana Mausoleum has as a very interesting story.

A fortune teller who lived during the 16th century, Sariana (also called the “Blonde Mother”) was widely regarded as a gifted oracle.

In fact, her talents were so highly regarded, it is rumored that Suleiman the Magnificent visited her seeking wisdom before his struggle against the Crusaders at Rhodes.

Her vision of victory for the Ottoman armies is said to have encouraged the leader to undergo the successful campaign which banished the Christians to Malta.

Located in the northeast region of the town, the Marmaris Sariana Mausoleum is built in the style of traditional Ottoman architecture. As an addition to the tomb, a mosque has recently been constructed adjoining the buildings.

After visiting the Mausoleum, there are other fun attractions and things to do for tourists in the area. These include a seafront promenade, plenty of places for dining and drinking, as well as accommodations such as hotels and a holiday villa.

Local custom has it that by visiting the Sariana Mausoleum in Marmaris today, you can still soak up the wisdom of the prophetess. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your fortune!

14) Spoil Yourself with a Turkish Bath Session in Marmaris

The beautiful city of Marmaris has lots to offer from its famous beaches, ancient architecture and famous bars and restaurants.

However, one experience you should not afford to miss out when in town is a Marmaris Turkish Bath session, which is another item on the list.

This tradition was made popular by the Sultans and has been in existence for hundreds of years. Thus it is considered one of the most important aspects of Turkish culture.

  • Benefits of Marmaris Turkish Bath

Marmaris Turkish Bath is a perfect for the start of your vacation (it is a little bit less perfect comparing to VIP Marmaris Turkish Bath, though) as it will leave your body feeling fresh, rejuvenated and relaxed. Furthermore, the bath offers additional health benefits such as getting rid of dirt and toxins in your skin, improving overall blood circulation and relieving the body from stress.

  • The Marmaris Turkish Bath Experience

Most Turkish baths rooms in Marmaris are warm and lined with marble sitting wash basins. They come with running cold and hot water which can be mixed to suit your comfort. At the center of the Turkish bath, there is an elevated hot marble platform. This platform can be used for laying, sitting or working up a sweat.

At the Turkish bath, you will also find a masseuse. The role of the masseuse is to provide you with a body scrub and massage. The scrub will entail the use of coarse loofa soil which will assist to remove the dead layers of skin revealing soft supple skin. The massage will include aromatherapy oils and scents which will soothe the body while providing you with relaxation.

The whole experience should take no more than 2 hours, and all you need to carry is swim gear.

  • The Best Time for the Marmaris Turkish Bath

It is recommended to take the Turkish bath at the beginning of your vacation because it will leave you rejuvenated for the activities ahead.

This bath will guarantee long-lasting freshness that you will not regret.

15) Enjoy Water Sports in Marmaris


Marmaris in Turkey is one of the most popular beach destinations in the world. Usually, these beaches are crowded with tourists from across the globe. You can really have fun with is water sports in Marmaris. Most beaches here offer you plenty of thrilling water sports that you can experience. The urban beach, long beach, and Icmeler beach are some of the places where you can find these sporting activities.

  • Different Water Sports

Among things to do in Marmaris, there is also benefitting from beaches in Marmaris which offer parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, rafting, etc.

There are many water parks and dolphin parks where you can spend some quality time with your family too. The beaches here are crowded with wonderful yachts and various other boats that you can use to sail.

You can enjoy those beautiful little trips to Paradise Island. You can please your eyes thanks to the breathtaking views of the serene and majestic sea.

Moreover, you can have some fun rides like the banana boat, flyboard, fly fish as well. In all of them, you will be guided here by trained experts for scuba diving and other water sports adventures. The beaches here are unlike anything else in the world and you are sure to have a great time here.

  • Amazing Scuba Diving Experience in Marmaris

There are plenty of activities in Marmaris, Turkey that it can be hard to choose which ones to do first. From restaurant hopping to exploring historical ruins, Marmaris has it all. But the greatest thing to do here is to visit its divine beaches. Marmaris has a lot of beautiful, sandy beaches lining up its shores that you can go explore to your heart’s content.

Icmeler Beach is a scenic holiday paradise that greatly embodies what it is to have some amazing Mediterranean fun. If you’re into some crazy awesome nightlife, this beach’s shore is lined up with a lot of fantastic bars. But if you want some quiet and relaxation, this is also a great spot for fishing. And if you’re looking for something a bit more daring and a lot more wet, Icmeler is a good place to do some scuba diving.

In all honesty, the whole of Marmaris is a great place for scuba diving. You can pick from a whopping fifty two different diving sites, and begin exploring the vast, clear waters of this beautiful paradise while enjoying a diverse array of marine life that lives on the Mediterranean Sea. There are a great many scuba diving schools to go to, and they’re always open for scuba divers of any experience. So, if you’re new to the sport, don’t worry. Trusted scuba instructors will be there to teach and help you.

If you’re in Marmaris for only a short period of time, it really is a heartfelt recommendation to try scuba diving here. You’ll be surprised and mesmerized by the other-worldly experience the Marmaris waters have to offer!

16) Visit Villages Near Marmaris

To be able to see different type of lives, visiting villages near Marmaris is one of the things to do.

  • For instance, you can visit Hisaronu, a charming village, which is smaller than Marmaris but equally as vibrant. Tours often visit here. It has a decent nightlife too, if you would like a change of scene!
  • Another frequent trip for any Marmaris holiday maker is Turunc, a scenic coastal village 20 km away. Despite the recent burst of tourism, somehow this quant fishing community has managed to retain its Turkish authenticity. In addition, the azure bay provides a great backdrop for photos!
  • If you’re keen on appreciating nature, then you must visit Kumlubuk. There are many well-trodden paths, perfect for hikers looking to take in the mountainous terrain. The food is great here too, with many renowned fish restaurants dotted throughout the town. Unlike Marmaris, it remains more untouched by the tourism industry – an added bonus.
  • Orhaniye also provides its own unique sights. Aside from the variety of water sports on offer, the waters here are shallow, making for a relaxing day out by the sea.

17) Sign Up For a Marmaris Cappadocia Tour


Since Cappadocia is one of the best places of Turkey, millions of tourists go there every year. If you come to Marmaris, you have a chance to go to Cappadocia, which is both on the list of things to do in Turkey.

We organize a tour to Cappadocia once a week. By participating in our Marmaris Cappadocia Tour, you can explore the Cappadocia region and taste world famous fine there. For more information please contact us.

18) Visit Marmaris Yacht Marina

  • The oldest marina in the region has welcomed guests from all around the world, all leaving with almost heartbreak and promising to come back.
  • You’ll get to experience luxurious lifestyle first-hand, with extravagant yachts parked all over the place, carrying visitors who come to worship this hidden Turkish delight.
  • You will sink in some fine dining and awake your taste buds, by offering them a variety of locally prepared and inspired foods, exploding with different spices and aromas. And who can miss out on those unforgettable sunset moments?
  • There are multiple reasons why this is the greatest absolute thrill of all. For example, you will get to take a dip in the open Mediterranean surrounded by secluded beaches and reefs no one ever visits on foot. Aside from this, the mile-long beaches are ready to knock you out of the park with the party sounds echoing from nearby bars.
  • Sunbathing and tanning will never look as good as in the bright open sun. Followed by sweet sounds of summer hits, the Marmaris Yacht Marina can promise you a good time.
  • With the ability to cater to over 1000, the Marina lives up to its reputation- gigantic, effective, and outstanding.
  • Marina guarantees you a heliport, consecutive security and cleaning services during 24 hours. Aside from this, you can always hop into the local beach bar, restaurant, pub or cafeteria.
  • Marmaris Yacht Marina provides a grand health and sports center, as well as a free car park and library. Pamper yourselves with a good massage, or get a new cut at the resident hairstylist- there is nothing these hosts haven’t thought of.
  • Those who prefer to shop can pay a visit to the local supermarket and technical stores in the area. Truly, this is a lifetime experience you will keep talking for years to come. In the world of tourism, good service means the world to customers -when you are treated like a VIP, you feel like it.

Therefore, do not hesitate over joining in thousands of travelers in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

19) Enjoy Splashing Waters in Marmaris Atlantis Water Park

When you plan a perfect summer vacation in Marmaris, you can’t ignore the importance of joy of swimming, can you? Thus, as another item on the list, you should enjoy swimming to the fullest where turquoise pools, twisty slides and fun gather up!

If you wonder where it happens, this place is Marmaris Atlantis Water Park, which is located in Siteler area, and it combines everything you want: Both adults and children can have fun in there thanks to its variety of choices.

For instance, for the fans of sliding, there are different types of slides with various lengths, heights and shapes such as;

  • Space Bowl
  • Wild River
  • Black Hole
  • Rainbow
  • Super Slide
  • Kamikaze
  • Splash Boat Run
  • Free Fall

While you are having fun by sliding down on these slides, you will be able to taste the adrenaline and fun at the same time. Also, in Kıds Area, your children will have fun safely thanks to the variety of toys and sections.

During your time in Marmaris Atlantis Water Park, you can also swim in Wave Pool, play Mini Golf, sunbathe, taste delicious dishes of the restaurants or just relax your body and mind under the sun! Whatever you choose, you will admire every second of it.

20) Have Fun in Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park

Aqua Dream Marmaris guarantees so much amusement for everyone.

We’ve said having fun through sliding or swimming in water parks is one of the most amusing activities. You have many options to go to and play in.

Especially if you plan to stay in Armutalan district of Marmaris, you can easily access to one of the biggest water parks of the region, Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park.

Regardless of travelling as a solo traveler, a couple, a group of friends or family, you can go there and ornament your days in your Marmaris holiday by splashing the baby-blue waters of the pools!

If you like excitement, you will love different types of slides of this water park, without any doubt! You can slide down on;

  • Wide Wild Rafting
  • Multi Slide
  • Kamikaze
  • Tunnel Free Fall
  • Extreme Body Slide
  • Black Hole
  • Giant Rafting
  • Wave Slide
  • Aqua Tower, and have goosebumps all over your skin!

Besides from the slides, you can also enjoy impressive activities in which exotic dance shows are presented by professional dancers.

Also, you can swim in pools to relax or sunbathe, refill your energy bar by eating appetizing foods of the cafes & restaurants of the facility or just observe around.

What you choose does not matter; you will start having fun as soon as you enter Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park!

21) Mix to the Pure Nature in Marmaris National Park


Visiting Marmaris National Park is one of the best things to do for true admirer of the nature. And if you consider yourself as being one of them, you should definitely take a walk in there.

In a 202,1 km²-area in Armutalan, Marmaris National Park has the opportunity of mixing you to the shades of green, tweets of birds and rattles of waters.

Being away from the crowd, noise, uproar, overwhelming temperatures, stress and tiredness is very easy while you are wandering around in there. Also, especially if you love photography, you can easily take breathtaking landscape and nature photos in there, without any doubt.

In brief, you won’t ever recognize just how time flies in Marmaris. When you depart, you will do so with a pledge to return once more.[/vc_column_text]

22) Visit Iyilik Kayaligi Archeological Park of Marmaris


Iyilik Kayaligi Archeological Park, which is one of the most underrated tourist attractions in Marmaris, is located in the city center of Marmaris and opens its gates for the admirers of the ancient worlds and remains.

The main reason why this park is quite unpopular is because of the fact that there is not enough information or “advertisement” of it.

That is why, only luck ones who pass nearby it and wonder what is in there have the precious chance of observing the historical textures without being have to travelling for hours to get to the ancient cities around Marmaris.

Now, you know what to do while you are walking on the boulevards of Marmaris City Center, don’t you?

General Information about Iyilik Kayaligi Archeological Park

Iyilik Kayaligi (Iyilik Cliff) Archeological Park became accessible for public in June 2005; after it is understood that the cliff is one of the acropolises of the Ancient City of Physkos and should be turned into a travel point for people who want to greet the antiquity. And we can say it was a very good idea for both local and foreign tourists.

The remains which are exhibited in Iyilik Kayaligi Archeological Park belong to the period between B.C. 4th century and A.C. 4th century. Also, some of the remains in there are from Ottoman era. Thus, we can easily say that Iyilik Kayaligi Archeological Park gathers different periods and empires up.

Moreover, since it is a park, you will be walking in a green atmosphere which will refresh your soul and mind.

When/How Can You Visit Iyilik Kayaligi Archeological Park?

You can visit Iyilik Kayaligi Archeological Park everyday between 09:00-20:00. Especially if you visit there at the evening, we assure that you will get fascinated by the light shows in there.

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