Turkey Tourism in 2020

A new year means new opportunities in routs for ones who love to travel around. That is why in 2020, Turkey tourism will be one of the most popular themes, as every year it does. Behind being a favorable destination, what the distinctive features of Turkey tourism are, you may wonder; and it is very simple to answer it: Turkey is such a country that every type of tourism can involve in there; what it can provide to you will appeal to your hobbies, selections and of course, palatal delight. For example, if you describe yourself as an adrenaline addict, you can fly inside of a balloon and float at the sky at 1000 meters, or again, in Cappadocia, you can enroll in different types of safari such as ATV, jeep or horse. Stabilize the adrenaline and change the scene; and imagine yourself in Marmaris, trying one of the most thrilling things such as scuba diving, rafting, flyboard, fly fish, speed boat, parasailing or jet-ski. Pretty exciting it sounds; and what about going to Bursa and skiing at the hills of Uludağ, or getting on a cable car through the top of the mountain? If you say yes, then it means Turkey tourism suits your interest so well about the extreme sports or a nice summer vacation.

Yet, there is one thing that appeals for nearly every tourist on Earth: Cultural and historical tourism. It can be made in summer, winter, fall or spring; there is no exact time for it; since learning never ends. Luckily, if you prefer to crown your holiday with the richness of Turkey tourism, then you will have a lot of things to see and enlarge your perspective of life, history and humanity.

Cultural and Historical Turkey Tourism

If you consider yourself as a tourist who loves and wants to gain knowledge about historical and cultural background of the places that you go, then cultural Turkey tourism is a perfect choice for you, without doubt. Since Turkey has been the lands of civilizations, significant empires, wars, important historical figures and events which has changed the whole world, you have many options because of the rich-content background of nearly all of the cities of Turkey. Of course, some of these cities have a lot more than others and their name can be seen at the top of the lists of the places to visit in Turkey 2020 as in every year: Istanbul, the cultural center of Turkey, is simply the perfect example for it; and Cappadocia, ancient sites of Izmir.

Significance of Istanbul in Turkey Tourism

Istanbul has been successively known as Byzantium, Constantinople, New Rome and the center of Ottoman Empire, before Turkey officially was established as Republic of Turkey under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1923. Even if Ankara (a district of Turkey) is the official center of Turkey since then, this hybrid of cultures and intense cultural accumulation that Istanbul holds has been continuing to affect the Turkey tourism and the tourist circulation; thus, still, Istanbul is considered as the center of culture of Turkey. Indeed, it is the most popular destination in Turkey as you can easily guess. To view the brilliance of architecture in buildings, Turkish baths, palaces, schools or even houses and to blend in to this era, you must see tours that involves in Byzantine and Ottoman characteristics such as Byzantine & Ottoman Relics Tour in Istanbul. Since the tour package in the example consist of valuable places like Sultan Ahmet Center, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Sultan Tombs, you will be able to breath the dust of Ottoman era in your lungs.

Where Should You Visit in Istanbul?

With a simple definition, you will learn the value of some significant places to visit in Istanbul and with that, you can understand why you should visit those.

Sultanahmet Center: The neighborhood Sultanahmet consists of significant places such as Hagia Sophia (museum) which has been successively used as Byzantine church and Ottoman mosque; Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque) which is famous for its amazing blue interior decoration; Hippodrome which has been used by 3 different empires for horse and chariot races; and Obelisk in which the emperor of Byzantine is praised in hieroglyphs and in Latin and (ancient) Greek. At one point, you can visit all of them since they are close to each other. Besides from the distance, you should visit these locations to be able to view the striking architectural art and the hybrid of different cultures that effected Istanbul. With an informative daily tour like Istanbul Classics Tour, for example, you can get ready to be impressed in the boundaries of Sultanahmet Center.

Fener and Balat: These are the oldest neighborhoods of Istanbul, along the Golden Horn. To be able to see which old and foreign cultures that have lived there together and what kind of ruins they have left behind, you can visit Fener and Balat locations. Specifically, in Balat, there are old, wooden houses which have been painted with beautiful pastel colors; it can apply to your interests especially if you are interested in photography. Thus, to enjoy a thrilling, vintage vibe, you can enroll in Ottoman Relics Tour in Istanbul which will take you to there.

The Palaces: With different backgrounds, yet, with the same amount of brilliance, there are two palaces in Istanbul that deserve to be seen: Topkapi Palace (in Sarayburnu) and Dolmabahce Palace (in Besiktas). Before been converted into museums, both of them were the residence of sultans and their families. Topkapi Palace is famous for being the center of ruling the Ottoman Empire; for its enormous yards, numberless sections which consist of rooms, mosques, Turkish baths etc.; and of course, its glamorous view. Dolmabahce Palace, on the other hand, is famous for combining the splendor of Ottoman way of living and modernism of the new Turkey. Both of these palaces are gigantic and fabulous and will make you want to be a sultan in Ottoman era. If you want to experience this feeling, though, you can enroll in daily and guided tours which involve in the palaces.

Even if Istanbul is important for Turkey tourism with its cultural and historical places to visit, it also provides beautiful natural views to its admirers. Specifically, Camlica Hill, Pierre Loti Hill, Bosphorus and Bosphorus Bridge; Golden Horn and Anadolu Kavagi are only some of them. After an informative, dynamic and energetic daily tours, you can rest your body and mind at these locations while enjoying the view and eating or drinking something. Or, you can let your tiredness go, thanks to shopping from Grand Bazaar, which is one of the biggest and oldest traditional, covered bazaars of the world. As another idea, you may want to have a cruise on the seas of Marmara while viewing the coasts of Golden Horn, the waves of Bosphorus at a beautiful day or at night, while having a good dinner.

Significance of Cappadocia in Turkey Tourism

For the fans of cultural and historical world and Turkey tourism, in which you gain knowledge and widen your perspective, Cappadocia has a significant place. With its matchless landscape, all of the civilizations that it has hosted, and the natural architecture of weather conditions and erosions; you will learn and get amazed at the same time. This time, do not expect bricks and stones; the architect is nature and people have used it as how they had found.

Starting from the oldest to the newest; Hittites, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans have lived in Cappadocia and they all have affected the background of the area. Their ruins, religions, battles, enemies, allies, educations, way of thinking and living, shortly everything about them, have great impact both as cultural and touristic. Well-protected history of them waits for you explore, learn, see, admire, get excited and amazed.

Where Should You Visit in Cappadocia?

There are many things to do in Cappadocia, but of course, in this section, the places you should visit in Cappadocia will be examined with the cultural and historical Turkey tourism perspective.

The Underground City of Derinkuyu: There are 36 underground cities in Cappadocia and the deepest one is Derinkuyu. It is nearly as old as Hitties, and it has been expanded by many different civilizations over years. The underground city’s interior network consists of passages, tunnels, pits, family rooms and communal spaces for education, praying or meeting. You will always try to imagine the ancient people and their lifestyle inside of this huge, buried, tiny cosmopolite.

Goreme Open Air Museum: Especially for Christians and people who are interested in the history of Christianity and art, Goreme Open Air Museum should be definitely seen; because, among all of the natural amazing chimneys, you will also see many churches and chapels from 10th, 11th and 12th centuries. The paintings on the walls inside of these natural buildings will enlighten the important scenes of Christianity or happenings of those times.

Cavusin: In AC 8, there were Christian monks who had escaped from Romans and settled in Cavusin. Here, they have carved the chimneys and lived inside o them, at the same time they have been trying to promulgate Christianity. However, when Romans has accepted Christianity, they have stopped hiding; and Cavusin has become one of the most important meeting points of Christians. Thus, you should visit here if you are interested in those time periods and the religion.

Of course, these are not your only options; there are many things to do in Cappadocia. Yet, these are the traveling points that contain information, knowledge, stories, history and of course, the pleasure of learning new cultures and the way of livings. By enrolling Cappadocia tours which involve these places such as Red Tour or Green Tour, you will be able to see these places -depending on your package- including natural beauties that adored by tourists.

Significance of Ancient Sites in Turkey Tourism

Turkey, especially the Aegean Region of Turkey is famous for being the cradle of civilizations which have been gaining life from the sea, because of the natural harbors, mild climate and rich soils. Thus, the cities that are close to the seaside have an enormous importance for the cultural and historical background of these lands. Of course, not only Turkish people, but also all people should care about the value of there, since the ancient people that have been lived there may be any of us’ ancestors. By visiting the ancient cities of Turkey, you can honor their soul and also, their mind which are ahead of the centuries that they have been living.

Which Ancient Sites Should You Visit?

There are three main important ancient cities that Turkey, more specifically Aegean Region holds, and all of them are titled with “World Heritage” by UNESCO. Thus, you clearly should consider these places whenever you make a list of places to visit in Turkey which carry the qualities of a content-rich cultural and historical tourism.

Ephesus: In the third biggest city of Turkey, Izmir has Ancient City of Ephesus that welcomes travelers all around the world, who wonder the Hellenistic and Roman settlements and their ruins, arts, lives, streets, theatres, columns or sacred places. Inside of a wide area, you will feel that you are walking on this Roman port city with the ancient spirits. All of the things and city parts are divided as related topics or other buildings; you can always get information from them.

Pergamum: Even the height of Ancient City of Pergamum could not stop the fall of the kings; and this city has been captured by many civilizations. It was the center of Kingdom of Pergamum between the years 282-133 BC; later on, it has become a piece of Roman Empire. It has seen wars, peace, blood, kings, pain; and also, art, glory, victory, the blessings of Gods and Goddesses. The first archeological museum of Turkey, Bergama Museum, locates nearby the ancient site, too. In that museum, you will see tombs, the sculptures of the important figures of the era, and of course, the outstanding figures of Greek/Roman Mythology.

Hierapolis: If you consider to go to Pamukkale travertines in Denizli district of Turkey, you should go a little bit further and visit Hierapolis, too; the ancient city that locates at the peak of the “cotton” mountain. With a very dark and mysterious background, you will see the that after Christianity, this ancient city has become one of the most important places about the religion; because in there, St. Philippus, one of the apostles of Jesus, has been murdered and after that particular incident, Hierapolis has turned into one of the significant centers of pilgrimage for Christians. Thus, the ancient city holds more than you expect for.

To conclude, there are many types of Turkey tourism such as winter/summer tourism, tourism packages with extreme events or natural-beauty type of tourism; but among all of them, if you dominantly want to learn about ancient cultures, civilizations, Byzantine or Ottoman Empire era, you should be interested in one or many of these examples. By examining the tour page, you can choose a good option to fulfil your touristic desires, and enroll in to have an amazing experience in Turkey.

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