Airport transfers in Turkey are very important services for both local and international travelers. Simply to tell why, we can easily say this service –being picked up from the airport at the land-off time and taken to hotel is the key of beginning a journey in Turkey at the best way. It can also be used to end the vacation perfectly: Imagine getting from your hotel to the airport at the right time without getting tired and squeezed in public transportation. Sounds good, right?

Best Airport Transfers in Turkey

That is why, travelers start searcing information about related agencies and their prices even before planning their holidays. Below, you will find our 5-star airport transfer service held in most popular holiday resorts in Turkey in details. To benefit from them, don’t forget filling the information table at the right block and sending us!

After getting your request, we will gladly inform you about the details!

As you can see, Airport transfers in Marmaris, Fethiye, Kusadasi and Bordum are updated and ready to please you with their contents and affordable prices! Indeed, you and your beloved ones will be picked up and taken to airport/hotel by our professional drivers so as to offer you a comfortable and fun start or end for your holiday. Sitting on the comfy seats and watching the lovely sceneries on the road, you will enjoy the ride very much!

In a nutshell, our fully equipped and modern vehicles wait for you. From now on, you no longer have to think about your belongings –they will be at the back of the vehicle and totally safe. Also, you will not have to face with uproar in buses or shuttles, hot weathers that make walking impossible or expensive fees for taxis… We are here to make you feel good about your trip!

So, do not hesitate on contacting us and enjoy your time in Turkey!

Fethiye Airport Transfers From Dalaman 2020

Fethiye airport transfers concern travelers who want to enjoy a lovely vacation in the beaches and bays of Fethiye. If you are one of those travelers, you probably want to dive into that dark blue sea as soon as possible; that is why, you may wonder how to reach the sea side quickly when you land to Fethiye Airport.

1-3 People Price: £ 35 (More Than 3 People Price: £ 40) The price can be applied with at least three tours/activities booking.

Only Transfer price one way is 40-45 gbp, round trip is 70-80 gbp

*You can pay as GBP, USD, EUR, TL based on the daily exchange rate.

Amenities: Mercedes Vito Mini Van, Free Wi-Fi, Insurance

The distance between Dalaman Airport and Fethiye city centre is only 60 minutes by private transfer. But the trip takes up to 2 hours by bus.


Where is the nearest airport to Fethiye?

Firstly, contrary to what is generally known, there is no airport called “Fethiye Airport” in Mugla province.
The nearest airport to Fethiye is Dalaman Airport and the distance from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye is 45 km.
Thus, here come the next questions: How to get from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye? What are your options and what are the differences between them?
To learn all of them and have the chance to make comparison, you can read the guide that we have prepared for you.

Get a Transfer Service from Dalaman to Fethiye

Combine the speed and comfort with moderate prices to create the fourth option: Getting a transfer from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye.
In a car, there will be only you (on your own or with your family, friends etc.) and the driver. Also, your baggage will be safe, away from getting crushed by others’ during your ride.
This is the general look of the transfer system; yet, there are many agencies that provide this service, and you may get confused about picking one of them. This is totally normal, since you try to make the best Fethiye travel pack; and with our help, you surely will.

Pros of Our Transfer Service from Dalaman Airport

To be able to have the best transfer service from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye, you can trust in our Fethiye airport transfers and vehicles. Indeed, you have many reasons to do it so; therefore, let’s see what you can expect from us.

1) Forget about the exhaustion

We know that you have arrived after a long time of a flight and you probably smolder to reach to your hotel to get rest a little bit. Thus, we will pick you up from the airport by our vehicle with comfortable seats and large interior design.
During our 90-minute-ride from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye you can rest as much as possible without the noise of the crowd. Also, we have an air conditioner and free Wi-Fi to make you feel at home.

2) Safety is first

Speaking of the car, we should highlight the fact that what is more important than comfort is safety; to provide that, the monthly technical maintenance of our cars have been done. Also, you will surely have the insurance.

3) 90 minutes mean 90 minutes

When you land to Fethiye Airport, you will not wait in a line to get in a vehicle because of the crowd; or the absence of the driver.
We have the sense of responsibility, and we will respect to the exhaustion that you suffer. At the exact time you want us, we will be there to pick you up and bring to your hotel.
Thus, the duration of our ride from Dalaman to Fethiye will take approximately 90 minutes, as we promise.

4) Easy to book

To purchase the best Fethiye airport transfers service from us, you do not need to deal with endless policies; you can simply book it online from our website. Or, before booking, you can contact us to get more information, we will help you willingly.

5) The experience

We are a passionate travel agency that have a lot of experiences in this field. We unite these to create new destinations and services to make our travelers satisfied; that is why, we have many positive comments on our services, which you can use them as references if you need.

How to Get from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye?

Simply, there are four ways to arrive from Dalaman Airport:

  1. Muttas
  2. Havas
  3. The taxis
  4. Private airport transfer

All of them are at your service. Nevertheless, you should know which one of them suits for your interests better.

Your first option is to use MUTTAS

It is a transportation system with a municipal basis. Vehicles of MUTTAS consists of buses. On the route between Dalaman Airport to Fethiye, there are other stops that allow the travelers to get off, and it approximately takes more than 1 and a half hour to arrive.
The price of a seat is around 25 Turkish Liras. However, the cheapness comes with an intense crowd; and this, unfortunately, means the lack of comfort and quality of service: There are many complaints of the fulness of the buses.
When it is considered that your holiday will probably be in summer, the most popular time period of this town, there is no escape from this misfortune. Thus, if your priority is to be comfortable as much as possible, MUTTAS is clearly not the best option for you.

As the second option, Havas

Havas is a system that means Airport System and it consists of shuttle buses from different districts of Mugla to the airport; as an example, from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye. Again, the price of getting in to Havas is around 25 Turkish Liras; and it is as popular as MUTTAS, unfortunately.
In summer, this lovely city is a favorite destination of Turkey for both of local and foreign tourists, and this situation surely reflects to the beaches, bays, hotels, and of course, Havas.
Addition to the crowd, this time, there is also extended period of time during the travel. The general complaint about Havas is the wasted time on the road, because it can take hours to get where you want to go. Therefore, if you do not want to junk any minute of your perfect holiday, you need to select an option which does not steal your time.

The third one is taxi

One of the most popular options of transportation all around the world is the taxi, and you can find many of them in Dalaman Fethiye Airport. This option is obviously more comfortable than being in a bus, or it is faster, because it goes directly to where you want.
Yet, it will cost you a lot of money, especially when you calculate 45 kms; and you may want to save money to spend it later in restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, beach clubs or else.
Surely, there is another option which is more economic than taxi, and also, capable of fulfilling your desires of being comfortable and fast.
To conclude, to be able to start one of the best vacations in your life, you can trust our transfer service. When you get to your hotel with a comfortable, safe car and a sincere driver, you will feel the high success of your first step in your Fethiye journey.
If you want to pursue this good outcome and satisfaction, you can also trust in us for planning the rest of your Fethiye vacation. For further information, you can always contact us without hesitation.

Kusadasi Transfers From Izmir Airport 2020

Kusadasi Transfers from Izmir Airport is one of the most searched information by travelers who plan to have a nice vacation on the beaches and bays of beautiful Aegean sides of Turkey.

1-3 People Price: £ 35 (More Than 3 People Price: £ 40)

*You can pay as GBP, USD, EUR, TL based on the daily exchange rate.

Amenities: Mercedes Vito Mini Van, Free Wi-Fi, Insurance

The distance between Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Kusadasi city centre is only 60 minutes by private transfer. But the trip takes 2 hours by bus.


Where is the nearest airport to Kusadasi?

There is no airport here like “Kusadasi Airport”: The nearest airport to Kusadasi is in Izmir.
This holiday town, among them, with its natural beauty, golden sands and pure sea, has always been successful at getting the attention of the tourists; and that is why, transportation to Kusadasi is a very important issue.
Since there are many ways to arrive, choosing one of them may be a little bit confusing and hard.
At that point, you are lucky if you plan to visit of this tiny paradise, since we have a guide to help you about your decision by providing some basic information about different options of your road trip.

How to Get from Izmir to Kusadasi?

To get from Izmir to Kusadasi, you either need to land in Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport which locates in a field that 66 kilometers away, or in Bodrum Milas Airport which locates 125 kilometers away from Kusadasi.
Of course, if you have a simple plan without other destinations, landing to Izmir is a better option. By the way, as a note here, it is a small town of Aydın, not Izmir.
Yet, still, the distance is not that far. With buses, taxis, trains or private transfer system from Izmir airport to Kusadasi, you can get Kusadasi easily.
If you compare all of your options, the most comfortable and fastest one is Kusadasi transfer from Izmir. Thus, let’s compare them all step by step.

You can get to Kusadasi by bus

First of all, especially in summer, there are many bus destinations that directly go to Kusadasi garage; yet, the seats of these vehicles are bought quickly and you may have to wait for other hours, and still, there is no guarantee that you will find your favorite place. Also, there will be some other stops until you reach the garage. Thus, there will be a certain amount of waste of time.

Get a taxi

Secondly, you can get in a taxi and arrive to Kusadasi; if you are willing to pay a lot of money. Since taxi is an expensive way of transportation in nearly all regions of the world, it will be the same in here, especially when you consider of 66 kilometers.
Addition to this, due to the traffic or other elements, the driver has the right to change the direction, and this equals to pay more. If you value your comfort, there is a better option rather than taxi, which is called transfer from Izmir airport to Kusadasi.

The train network

Of course, before getting to the end, we have another way: The train network. Nearby the Adnan Menderes Airport, there is a metro station, and you can go by using transfer stations; firstly, you will arrive to Selcuk, a town of Izmir, and then you can use another transfer vehicle to reach Kusadasi.

Get a Transfer Service from Izmir to Kusadasi

Of course, you are free to plan your vacation as you want, yet, we suggest you to get a transfer service from Izmir airport to Kusadasi, provided by professionals.
To be able to enjoy your amazing holiday as soon as possible, make a quick and comfortable start by arriving your hotel in a private vehicle to you or your group. Especially, if you specifically choose us, you will have more than you can imagine.

Pros of Our Transfer Service from Izmir Airport to Kusadasi

If you are confused about purchasing our transfer service from Izmir airport to Kusadasi, you may want to read the next paragraphs to learn why you should trust in us; and then, you will make your mind.

The vehicle

The car which will take you from Izmir to your hotel in Kusadasi is new, fully-equipped, safe and very comfortable.
This means that you will not need to worry about the possibility of technical problems or uncomfortable situations which can be easily seen in crowded buses, trains or minibuses.
Instead, you will sit back freely, watch the beauties of the city, or talk to people with you. Also, if you are happy with your silence, you can enjoy our free Wi-Fi connection in our car.

The crew

Our team which try to provide you at their best is trustworthy and sincere; thus, you can get information from them about the city, or something else, during your road trip. They will be happy to communicate with you.

The policy

Our priority is our guests. Thus, we try to make you happy as much as we can and that is why we combine comfort, safety, speed, sincerity with economic prices.
We want you to enjoy your Kusadasi vacation and collect lovely memories in there. Therefore, we try to help you in every way we can.

The references

You may hesitate to choose us; since, to trust someone or something for the first time is always a hard thing to do. Yet, we have references that make us happy with their approvals, high rates or positive comments. These people have chosen our companion and have never regretted. Thus, you can get an idea by this general result.
To conclude, we would like to help you to get you from Izmir to Kusadasi as comfortably, quickly, safely, economically and peacefully as possible; and we think that we will.
Make your plans about Kusadasi, and let us get you closer to them. The only thing you need to do during our ride is to enjoy the environment and sight of this beautiful holiday resort.

Dalaman Airport to Where?

From Dalaman Airport To Marmaris, Icmeler, Fethiye, Calis Beach, Oludeniz Cheap Shuttle Transfers £ 5, Private Taxi Transfer £ 25, VIP Mercedes Vito Transfer £ 32, Minibus Transfer £ 32. Dalaman airport transfer you can book or reserve most suitable airport transfer. Cancellations are cost free, just email us as much as 48 hours in advance of your day of vacation and we’ll offer you a whole refund for your scheduling. The breathtakingly gorgeous at Dalaman marmaris oludeniz is one of the most extensively photographed
When You Arrive in Dalaman Airport, We will welcome you with your name,  We Will Let You Know Which Airport We Have Desks For The Meeting, For The Departure, Please Be Ready At The Departure Point On Time.If you don’t find our company desk or someone call the emergency number please . If you have any problem you can contact directly us .Dalaman airport transfers if you have another question please write us. Raintransfer is work provide a great service your Dalaman Airport Transfer.
Dalaman international Airport to the famous holiday resorts. Dalaman Airport is shuttle and private services all around the year. Also taking a taxi is available but considered to be more expensive than shuttle,  private transfers of airport transfer companies raintransfers.

Make Booking

Resorts that we can transfer you from Dalaman Airport to: Marmaris, Marmaris Netsel Marina, Marmaris Yacht Marina, Marmaris Albatros Marina, Marmaris Port, Marmaris Hisaronu, Icmeler, Turunc, Bozburun, Akyaka, Datca, Marmaris Club Select Maris, Orhaniye, Orhaniye Marti Marina, Karacasogut, Turunc Amos, Turunc Kumlubuk, Selimiye, Marmaris Resort Hotel, Ekincik, Fethiye, Fethiye Ovacik, Fethiye Ece Saray Marina, Fethiye Hillside Beach Club, Fethiye Letoonia Hotel, Fethiye Lykia World, Fethiye Uzumlu, Fethiye Kayakoy, Fethiye Hisaronu, Fethiye Oludeniz, Fethiye Ciftlik, Fethiye Majesty Club Tuana, Calis Beach, Dalyan, Gocek, Gocek Club Marina, Sarigerme, Kalkan, Kas
The cost of transfer for 1-3 persons from Dalaman airport to Marmaris: 50 Euro
The cost of transfer for 4-7 persons from Dalaman airport to Marmaris: 70 Euro


Dalaman Airport is the nearest airport to Marmaris. “Where is the nearest airport to Marmaris?” is the question that is asked by many tourists who try to make the perfect vacation plan in Marmaris.

Since there is no airport directly in the boundaries of Marmaris district, the distances of the airports that are around Marmaris become important. Therefore, to clarify the answer of this question, the closest airports can be put in order successively as:

  1. In Dalaman district of Mugla, Dalaman Airport (3 miles/48.8 kilometers to Marmaris)
  2. In the Island of Rhodes, Rhodes International Airport (32.8 miles/52.8 kilometers to Marmaris)
  3. Between the Bodrum and Milas districts of Mugla, Milas–Bodrum Airport (43.4 miles/69.8 kilometers to Marmaris)
  4. In the Island of Kos, Kos International Airport (65.6 miles/105.6 kilometers to Marmaris).

Among these four options, the airport you should select to get to Marmaris depends on your travel plans and programs. For example, if you want to spend much of your time in the Greek islands of Aegean Sea, you can start with visiting Rhodes or Kos, and use the related airports to afterwards.

Yet, if you want to make an emphasis on Marmaris Turkey and the beautiful districts that are close to there, you should use Dalaman Airport or Milas-Bodrum Airport.

Dalaman Airport

The answer of “Where is the nearest airport to Marmaris?” question, the closest airport, Dalaman Airport locates in Dalaman, a district of Mugla.

Between Dalaman Airport and center of Marmaris, there is approximately 50 kilometers. In Dalaman Airport YDA International Terminal, there are cafes and restaurants which service various of delicious dishes; and shops which allow you to purchase things like products of textile, accessories, toys, bags or gifts. Therefore, you can wander around and let the tiredness of the flight go off.

  • Before giving information about the transportation from Dalaman to Marmaris, you may want to learn the places to visit in Dalaman, since you will be already there. For example, before getting to Marmaris, in Dalaman, you can visit amazing bays such as Sarsila, Ekincik, Gunluklu and Bedri Rahmi; the beaches such as Sarigerme and Iztuzu; the ancient city of Kaunos; or Akyaka Garden. After a high-quality time in Dalaman, you can prepare yourself to go to Marmaris.

Marmaris Airport

Unfortunately, Marmaris has not got an airport, due to the fact that it is small holiday town. But Dalaman airport is widely known as Marmaris airport by many travellers. The closest airport is Dalaman airport and it is nearly 100 km away from this lovely town.

As the alternative answer of “Where is the nearest airport to Marmaris?” question, Milas-Bodrum Airport follows Dalaman Airport. Milas Bodrum Airport locates in an area which is between Milas and Bodrum districts, in Mugla province.

Transfer from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris

If you choose taking road directly right after landing on, at this point, you should know that from the nearest airport to Marmaris; Dalaman Airport to Marmaris, there are mainly four different options of transportation:

  • The bus (MUTTAS)
  • Shuttle (Havas)
  • Taxi
  • Transfer system

By comparing all of these to each other, you will find out that the airport transfer from Dalaman to Marmaris is the most logical one, since the bus and shuttle is crowded (especially in summer) and the ride takes hours because of the destination; and the taxi is too expensive to afford. Yet, you can easily reach to Marmaris from Dalaman in a private car, away from people, at the right time without any delay.

Milas-Bodrum Airport

Between Milas-Bodrum Airport and the center of Marmaris, there is approximately 70 kilometers. In the terminal of the airport, there are different types of cafes and restaurants which provide traditional and delicious Anatolian meals, self-service option and tasty beverages.

Addition to them, there are also shops to help you to buy some memories from the first step of your perfect holiday.

  • Since you are close to the significant travel locations both in Milas and Bodrum, before departing from this district to visit Marmaris, you may want to travel the best places to visit in Bodrum and Milas. For example, starting with Bodrum, you can visit the most popular touristic fields such as St Peter’s Castle, Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology; Gundogan, Kucukbuk, Kadikalesi, Gumusluk and Akyarlar. In Milas, the ancient cities of Iassos, Labranda and Herakleia; Firuz Bey Mosque, the Museum of Milas and Bafa Lake are worth-seeing. Thus, for these and more, you can travel in Milas and Bodrum districts before taking the road to Marmaris.

Transportation from Milas-Bodrum Airport to Marmaris

If you want to come as soon as possible, you should get a vehicle from the second closest airport; Milas-Bodrum Airport, to Marmaris. Here, again, you have four options;

  • The bus (MUTTAS)
  • Shuttle (Havas)
  • Taxi
  • Transfer system

Providing a comfortable ride, airport transfer from the Bodrum Airport is the best option among them again; because it is also faster than the bus and shuttle, and more affordable than the taxi. If you do not want to waste your time on the road, you should use transfer, especially if it is serviced by the professionals.

Which Airport Should You Land in to Get to Marmaris?

Whether Marmaris is the priority in your travel route, the answer of “where is the nearest airport to Marmaris? question, Dalaman Airport, is the best choice to arrive here quickly.

Thus, you will be able to spend more time by arriving there earlier: Milas-Bodrum Airport has an extra 20-kilometer distance to Marmaris, which means at least 40 more minutes on the roads.

Yet, if you want to spend some time in Bodrum before Marmaris, you can reach to the center of Bodrum within nearly 40 minutes; since, the distance between Bodrum Airport to Bodrum is 36 kilometers. To sum up, it is all up to your travel program in Mugla, Turkey.

What Comes Next?

You decide the airport, get your plane ticket, land in there and arrive here somehow. Then, what comes next? If you do not know from where to start to explore the magnificence of beaches and bays of Marmaris; or if you want to join incredible and exciting events in Marmaris, you can get the help from us: Since years, we have been providing the best Marmaris excursion programs, and we will arrange the best one for you, too.

For further information about any step in your vacation, do not hesitate to contact us.