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Let’s learn the best Alanya excursions! Did you know things to do in Alanya are numerous and have a dazzling variety? Well, you do know. This city is incredibly beautiful, as much as this catalog, about which we will give more details later. But first, let us warn you immediately: Located at the most eastern part of Antalya and ready to greet you with its captivating nature, fun activities and preferable weather conditions for various programs, Alanya will blow your mind!

Numerous Things to Do in Alanya Appealing to Everyone’s Taste

You’ve just finished scrolling down and reached to the bottom of the page, at the end of our 5-star Alanya excursions list. Perhaps you already have some favorites, yet interested in learning more about them. Even if there are plenty of excursions, tours, activities and such, on this page, you might learn which one(s) suits your travelling appetite better in advance. Before jumping to interesting categories matching different tastes, we’d like to tell that you can choose a boat trip blindly. According to our experiences of years, boat trips in Alanya are the most desired and appreciated organizations that everyone likes, from 7 to 70. You have different boat options as well as different content, route or session options, and can view all of them on this page!

Must-Attend Alanya Excursions for Nature Lovers

If you would like to experience something special and bring tones of blue and green colors together at the best way, you might choose amazing tours such as:

You check these impressive things to do in Alanya and view their itineraries. If you decide on joining us, don’t forget your camera!

Wild Souls Will Not Get Disappointed

Regardless of its amount, if you search for adrenaline, Alanya, squeezed between grand Taurus Mountains and Mediterranean Sea, will give you what you want thanks to its amazing natural “platforms” that make hosting extreme sports possible. In other words, in case of deciding on being one of these thirsty-for-adrenaline people, your adventure will be full of goosebumps and delightful views. For example, horse safari and fishing are both in this category with a low-level excitement impact. Then, jeep safari follows them.  And by being the muddiest ones among all safaris, quad and buggy safaris are also the most exciting ones. Yet, if you crave for more, we have something else that can make you hear your beating heart clearly!

Let’s Level The Adrenaline Up

As well as diving, you can also enjoy rafting, or visit The Land of Legends with us where gathers up water slides with different shapes, colors and heights so that you’ll slide down on them as fast as a bullet! But if you are too much fond of adrenaline these will be a piece of cake for you. Thus, sign up for paragliding in Alanya during which you’ll swing like a leaf adrift in the air, yet, still, being controlled by a professional instructor.

Too Little Time and Too Many Experiences

Time is the most valuable thing in life and should be used wisely. If you agree with us, we’re sure you’ll like this paragraph that contains amazing ideas for tourists with little time and who would like to have as many experiences as possible. That’s why we’ll also not beat around the bush, and list down some excursions and activities that include shorter time periods, comparing to full-day programs’. In other words, we’ll list down things to do in Alanya for tourists with limited time. After having a day with a tour or resting, you can crown the day’s joy with an activity that is held in afternoon or evening. Alanya City Tourshow of Fire of Anatolia, night disco on a boat, cable car trip or sunset boat trip are in this category. They have durations up to 5 hours only, so you’ll have new experiences in a short time. Also, as one of the most popular things to do in Alanya by foreign tourists, sign up for a hammam (Turkish Bath) session which lasts for only a couple of hours and fill you up with relaxation and happiness.

Depart from Alanya to Magical Places in Turkey

Although it sounds impossible, if you can finish your exploration in Alanya City, you can benefit from its perfect location that is centered as nearly evenly close to other places to visit in Turkey such as Pamukkale and Cappadocia. Departing from Alanya and visiting these incredible places definitely deserves a chance; perhaps you already know that if you’re a curious traveler: Every result of researches about the best places to visit in Turkey mentions these Unesco-assigned world heritages.

Make Your Trip Perfect 

As if this is not enough, Alanya excursions make Alanya much more desirable by being very affordable, fun and entertaining. Below, you’ll see the bests of these excursions and tours which are supplied and operated by the bests -us! And after checking some of these Alanya tours, you’ll probably become one of those millions we mentioned above!

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