Bodrum Excursions


We are offering you the best available Bodrum excursions. You can be sure that you are getting solely the best of what our city has to offer. There are many things to do in Bodrum. Still, the most important one is to enjoy: welcome to one of the loveliest holiday resorts of Turkey, which is extremely fun and dazzling! Bodrum provides travellers with a variety of holiday options. Before giving specific examples regarding these options, let us give some information about Bodrum; since it is an amazing place and should be known by anyone and everyone.

Bodrum is not a province of Turkey; it is a district of Mugla, one of the provinces of Turkey

Among 13 districts, Bodrum is the most crowded one with 160.000 population; yet, the number of people reaches to millions during summer. Even if it sounds unbelievable, it is true; since, Bodrum is very popular for both local and foreign tourists making it one of the most popular destinations in the whole world.

You can find amazing spots to enjoy the summer

In addition, you can find peace in the nature, you can learn more about the history and you can be a part of exciting activities if you like. No matter what you are into, the list of things to do in Bodrum is profound, and these activities  are for you to make your holiday perfect. Therefore, let us provide the details for you to plan your holiday easily and with a peace of mind.

Enjoy Summer to the Fullest

Millions cannot be wrong: One of the best places to spend hot days of summer is Bodrum. With its atmosphere, beaches, the unique quality of the sea which combines the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea; pretty bays and qualified facilities, there are many things to do in Bodrum during summer; making here one of the hottest spots for travellers all around the world.

Beaches to Visit

Except for Bodrum excursions, one of the first things to do in Bodrum is visiting a beach, for sure, since this lovely city has a hot sun, crystal clear sea and exquisite shores. As for the beaches, you have many options to consider. For example, there are lots of names under the title of the best beaches such as

  • Bitez,
  • Yahsi,
  • Turkbuku,
  • Cokertme,
  • Gumbet,
  • Gumusluk,
  • Karaincir
  • Kadikalesi Beaches.

The Best Place for “Walking”

Addition to its intense popularity for its summer activities, this lovely city is also known for its warm atmosphere and adorable locations to walk and explore. With its lovely streets, unique house structures, colorful flowers, the shops which are ornamented by various kinds of souvenirs, and the lovely scenes that arise from the hybrid of green and blue will be pleasing your eyes while you are exploring the places.

Best Things to Do in Bodrum for Intellectuals

If you want to enjoy here more, you could probably like the historical and ancient places, structures and ruins. To access to the reflections of the history, you have multiple alternatives such as

  • Pedasa (in Konacık neighbourhood),
  • Myndos and Myndos Gate (in Gumusluk neighbourhood),
  • Halicarnassus,
  • the remains of the ancient city of Bargilya (in Gulluk neighbourhood),
  • Bodrum Castle (in the center),
  • The Museum of Underwater Archeology (inside of Castle),
  • Ancient Theatre (at the hill of Goktepe Mountain),
  • The Ottoman Shipyard (at the north of port)
  • The remains of the tomb of Carian Satrap Mausolos.

Exciting Bodrum Excursions Both Held in Water and Lands

You have many choices, thus, you can separate them into two groups: Over the surface of the fresh water and on the land, which is ornamented with the beauty of the nature of this lovely city. In the first group, there is a peaceful start with fishing, and gets more exciting with rafting and scuba diving. You can choose one or all of them to remember the freshness of the waters of Bodrum. In the second group, you can enroll in a horse safari, jeep safari or Buggy bike safari to get to be the king or queen of the dusty paths of Bodrum. Try whatever you want, there is no chance for you to be unsatisfied after all, since the lovely view of Bodrum will be your companion throughout the activities.

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