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Hotel Transfer
In Advance
06:30 – 08:30

Enrolling in Cappadocia balloon watching tour is a perfect chance for you to enjoy a scene which is ornamented by the colorful balloon all over the horizon while the dawn is breaking.

The flames of the hot air balloons will be the shining stars of the sky to please your eyes and for sure, to sharpen the photography skills of you!

Especially if you are afraid of height and that is why you cannot enjoy Cappadocia hot air ballon flight, you can participate in balloon watching tour, you can sit on the ground and view the artistic landscape:

Even if the scene will not be a bird-eye view type, still, it will deserve being captured.

Thus, be a professional photographer or not, get your camera ready!

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Food & Beverages

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes
Warm clothing
Money for personal expenses

Get Prepared for Hot Air Balloon Watching Tour

Before enjoying the breathtaking view, you should remember some things in order to double your pleasure.

Since hot air balloon watching tour takes a place in the first hours of the morning, the weather may be a little bit cold, that is why we recommend you to bring extra clothes with you, or else you may feel cold.

Of course, you should not forget to bring your phone or camera, since the beauty over the valleys and the sky should be immortalized.

During the Watching Tour

From the preparation session to the landing, you will be able to observe every step of Cappadocia balloon flight

At the observation point, you can take photographs as much as possible; yet, we recommend you to save a little bit space in your memory of your phone or camera for the best time; since you will change your position by moving to another place for a wider perspective.

The balloons will take off, their flames will look like shining stars, then, the sun will start showing up.

The lovely tone of the horizon will have a mirror effect on the valley, and the balloons will ornament this painting-like view with their colorful, fat bodies.

When the sky is pinky, reddish or orangish, try to snap the shots with an artistic perspective.

Or, without doing something particularly, you may only send the stress away while enjoying this impressive beauty.

The End

When the balloons land, and the sky turns into a usual blue, it will be the time to go. You will be taken to your hotel by our vehicle, and then, our sunrise hot air balloon watching tour will be over.

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Reviews About Cappadocia Balloon Watching Tour

5.00 based on 9 reviews
6 April 2019

Honestly, I don’t know which I liked more: either the landscape, or the spectacle of soaring balloons. Both are equally fascinating. Everyone should visit Cappadocia.

21 April 2019

I liked it very, very much !! Awesome excursion. For such a small amount, they got a memory for life. Thank you, Excursion Market, I will recommend you to my friends and will definitely use the services of your company again.

2 June 2020

An absolutely extraordinary excursion! I warmly advise you to visit and see how the balls float in the sky over Cappadocia. The driver and also the guide drove us through the valleys so that we could see as much as possible. We took very good photos and are now showing them to the whole family. I recommend.

1 July 2020

We visited the balloon show and really wanted to share my impressions, how much I liked everything. We have seen how balloons rise into the sky and then fly, obeying the force of the wind. And we, one might say, followed them in transport. On the way, we visited the Valley of Swords, the Valley of Love and the Goreme Valley. Thanks for organizing the tour.

16 July 2020

On my first trip to Cappadocia, I managed to combine not only flying on a balloon, but also a trip behind them (or under them) by car 🙂 I traveled around Cappadocia with Excursion Market and warmly recommend her to everyone. Thanks.

9 August 2020

Balloons cannot be described. I just do not have the words to fully tell about the beauty of Cappadocia. This tour was created especially for those who, for one reason or another, do not want to fly on the balloon. It turns out that we were specially taken to the launch pad of the balloons, where we could observe their take-off. It is, of course, very beautiful. Thank you very much Excursion market. com for this excursion.

30 August 2020

I really wanted to see the balloon parade, because, to be honest, I’m afraid of heights, but I want to look at the balloons up close. Therefore, when I saw that such a tour was for sale, I bought it almost without hesitation.
I definitely recommend that you visit, even if you have already went to the air. On this excursion, early in the morning, I was taken to the launch pad, where the balls are being prepared to be lifted into the sky. By the way, as we were explained, pre-flight training takes place every time in different places and its choice depends on the direction of the wind. Thus, we were able to see exactly how the balloons prepare for flight. Well, then, they began to rise into the sky. It is an unforgettable sight, even if you are performing as a spectator. But that is not all. Our driver-guide put us in his car and we practically followed the flight of the balloon, only on the ground. The thing is that the balls do not rise into the sky endlessly, but, having reached a certain height, begin to move in a horizontal plane. Thus, we were able to take many successful photos and, most importantly, I got an impression of a lifetime.

30 September 2020

Instagram tour 🙂 You can take a bunch of photos with the most unusual views. I advise you to travel and see and take pictures. Cool, I liked everything.

24 March 2021

We went with a friend to Cappadocia. We wanted to fly with a balloon, but at first we were unlucky with the weather, and then somehow the storm passed. And then I saw on the Internet that tours like these were being sold and wanted to attend this parade. Nice of course. At some point we even regretted that we did not dare to fly, but now we have a reason to come here again. Thank you, Excursion market!

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