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Joining in our amazing Pamukkale Dervish Show is a fantastic chance to learn about the culture, songs, and moves of the Dervishes and uncover their magic.

This event is best for those who want to spend an evening immersed in cultural aspects and who are fascinated in traditional heritage. Thus, you should be with us!

If you want to learn more details, keep reading and see what awaits you!

What is included?

Free Pamukkale Karahayit Hotel Transfer
Entrance Fee
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Money for personal expenses

Amazing Pamukkale Dervish Show Starts

In the evening, the Pamukkale Dervish Show is set. So, in the evening again, you will be picked up from your hotel and driven to the location of the event in a luxurious car.

The show is held in a settlement named Karahayit, which is just a short distance away.

After a nice ride on the roads, you will enter the facility. And you’ll meet dervishes!

Who are Dervishes?

First, let’s learn more who Dervishes are.

Dervishes are Sufi Muslims known for their strict way of living, which involves isolation and staying away from all kinds of worldly pleasure.

These elements are needed for them to achieve their ultimate life objective. And by letting go of their pride, they will be able to meet God, they think. So, they will find God.

Dervishes are said to have special powers and can do miracles since they are connected to God, according to legends.

So the representative show carries mystical texture and faithful sparkles.

The Show of Submission to God

Firstly, the show begins with a prayer.

Then, master Dervish directs other Dervishes to their places on stage. Next, the Circling of Veled begins, and this move is a representation of the resurrection from the grave.

The clothing of the Dervishes contains some symbolism as well:

  • Cloak represents the tomb
  • Hat represents the gravestone.

As the story develops, the Dervishes eventually shed their cloaks, indicating that they are rescued from the earthly life and became free.

During the show, you’ll feel the atmosphere’s peace all around. You’ll also relax while watching them. Maybe you can also find the god!

End of Pamukkale Dervish Show

A spacious car will be waiting for you after the one-hour performance. We’ll take you to your hotel.

By the time you return to your hotel, the Pamukkale Dervish Show will end successfully!
Now, if you like the content of this amazing event, don’t forget to book it!

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