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With our Pamukkale tour from Kusadasi, you will be able to see a world heritage of Turkey after a comfortable ride.

Departing from the lovely holiday resort Kusadasi, we will get to Denizli, Turkey to view the outstanding and unique formations that Pamukkale hides in its boundaries.

Shaped by chemical reactions and the flowing hot thermal water, Pamukkale Mountain is the host of a matchless scene.

Also, for the travelers who are beyond the beauty and who seek for knowledge through traveling new places, it is a very good choice by providing the historical remains.

The natural uniqueness unites with the anciency; and then, enrolling in daily Kusadasi Pamukkale tour becomes inevitable! If you think so, read the next paragraphs to learn the details about the program.

What is included?

Open Buffed Lunch in Restaurant
Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Fully Air Conditioned Bus
Guidance Service

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Entrance Fee

What to Bring with You?

Comfortable Clothing
Comfortable Shoes
Sun Cream

Pamukkale Tour from Kusadasi

Before taking the roads to get to Pamukkale from Kusadasi, there is a preparation session that you should consider.

First of all, since there will be a lot of walkin, Kusadasi Pamukkale tour is not recommended for the guests with walking difficulties.

If there is no problem with that and you will enroll in;

You should not to forget bringing your hat, sun cream and sunglasses to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays, since we will be outdoors.

You should make sure that your camera is ready to snap; because Pamukkale is full of perfect items for photography.

To start our Pamukkale tour officially, we will pick you up from the hotel that you stay in Kusadasi, by our fully-equipped, comfortable and modern bus.

When you get on the bus, you will meet our professional and licensed guide who will inform you about the tour and the places that we will visit.

Thanks to him, the approximately-3-hour ride from Kusadasi to Pamukkale will be both informative and entertaining until we arrive our first stop.

Pamukkale Travertines

Welcome to the pearl of Denizli: Pamukkale! Meaning “Cotton Castle” in Turkish, Pamukkale deserves the name thanks to its completely natural white rock formations through the peak.

Moreover, the mountain is full of travertines and terraces which are filled with the white mud and thermal water; both of them are very good for skin if you are interested.

The Ancient City of Hierapolis (Holy City)

After reaching to the top of Pamukkale, we will visit the second stop of our Kusadasi Pamukkale tour:

The ancient city of Hierapolis.

Also known as Holy City, Hierapolis has been standing still for centuries and it has been a home to different civilizations; yet, dominantly Roman and Byzantine characteristics can be seen.

The theatre, columns, gates and more will charm you. Also, thanks to the guide, you will be able to get related and detailed information about the sections of the city.

Cleopatra’s Pool

Has shaped due to earthquakes and the flood of the thermal waters, Cleopatra’s Pool will be the next stop of our Kusadasi Pamukkale excursion.

With its unique beauty and amazing story, if you want to experience a swimming session inside of it, you can pay an extra fee and enjoy a matchless sense. If you are not interested in, though, you can still take photographs of it.

The Lunch Break

When we end our exploring session in Pamukkale, we will award ourselves with the delicious dishes from Turkish cuisine, in a local restauant. Resting and eating for a while will refresh our bodies and we will get ready to return to Kusadasi from Pamukkale.

The End of Pamukkale Day Trip 

With our full stomachs, we will depart from Pamukkale to get to Kusadasi; more specifically, to your hotel.

When you get to your room, our lovely Kusadasi Pamukkale tour will end officialy; and you will be able to get some rest or plan new things to do in Kusadasi.

If you want to enroll in this tour, you can book it online; if you want to get further information about the other daily tours, you can visit Kusadasi excursions page.

Pick Up Times for Pamukkale Tour from Kusadasi

GOLF RESORT 07.15 CENTER 08.10 – 08.15
DAVUTLAR 07.30 PAMUCAK 08.25 – 08.30
SAHİL SİTELERİ 08.00 – 08.05 SELCUK 08.40 – 08.45
LADİES BEACH 08.10 – 08.15 OZDERE 08.00 – 08.10

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Reviews About Pamukkale Tour from Kusadasi

5.00 based on 5 reviews
20 July 2020

Hi everyone, i recommend you to join in this tour because it was very nice, you will see a UNESCO World Heritage first of all, and learn many things… Especially the professional guide will provide you with amazing information -i hope you meet him- and you will love the landscape… The price is very cheap when you think of all the things that tour package has. And the crew is very professional… Keep it up…

15 August 2020

We’re glad that you enjoyed our tour! Thanks for the comment!

1 August 2020

The roadtrip was quite fun thanks to your incredible energy! And Pamukkale really deserves to be seen, it is a unique place with travertines and all the whiteness… swimming in cleopatra pool was amazing, i think everyone should visit there… the price is very cheap comparing to other agencies and you were always very friendly… thanks guys

15 August 2020

You are welcome 🙂 We’re glad that you enjoyed our tour! Thanks for the comment!

9 September 2020

The Pamukkale tour was great. Everything was very interesting and exciting. We are very glad that we have chosen your company. Thank you very much for the great time.

12 October 2020

A beautiful and unusual place! Travertines created by nature itself make a great impression. Of course, it is better to come when there are fewer people, which is, either on the opening hours, or near the closing. I recommend choosing your tour carefully. Thanks to Excursion Market, we didn’t have anything problematic and I really liked everything.

1 December 2020

This excursion combines two attractions at once: the ancient city of Hierapolis with its ruins and a natural masterpiece, travertines. Thank you, I recommend.

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