Oludeniz Excursions


Oludeniz excursions are the best options to enjoy the untouched nature of Oludeniz, Fethiye by joining in some daily activities on your own or with your favorite people. Below, you will see amazing options which will leave you indecisive. However, before giving some specific examples, we would like to inform you about Oludeniz excursions, because this place is worth being mentioned and having a top place on the route of travelers that think of visiting Mugla, Turkey. If you are one of them and have no idea about this pure beauty, you should learn some immediately!

About Oludeniz

Oludeniz is a neighborhood that is located in Fethiye town of Mugla province. In 2006, the shore of Oludeniz was ed as the most beautiful beach in the world with %82 votes. Oludeniz can be translated as “the Dead Sea”, and it signifies its name by being very “calm”. Since it is a lagoon (“stretch of salt water separated from the sea by a low sandbank or coral reef”) the wild winds do not create waves on its surface. From the center of Fethiye to Oludeniz, there are only 12 kilometers. From Dalaman Airport to Oludeniz, the distance is nearly 1 hour by a road trip. Thus, it is easy to access to this small and charming place.

Oludeniz Excursions with Peace & Serenity

The main target of all of the Oludeniz excursions are to make its perfect landscape and atmosphere unforgettable for its visitors. Now, since Oludeniz, Blue Lagoon, is famous for its talent of looking like a tableau, we would like to mention the best Oludeniz excursions that will relax your mind and body while you are enjoying the sight. As you can easily guess, this is possible with Oludeniz boat trips.

Oludeniz Boat Trips

Oludeniz boat trips are the favorite options for both local and foreign tourists who visit Oludeniz Fethiye, especially during the summer season. The route and content will change depends on which boat trip you choose, yet, the delightful sense of observing the captivating forests behind the beach and over the hills, the deep and dark blue sea, twisty shores and breathing the essence of the iodic air remains the same. All of the guests on the deck will be able to swim in the refreshing waters of the sea or to sunbathe while pleasing their eyes through the incredible atmosphere.

Oludeniz Safari Tours

Some people think that the best vacation is the one with adrenaline, laughter, thrill and goosebumps. If you agree, you are very lucky that Oludeniz might also can meet this expectation by being a shelter to Oludeniz safari organizations.

Safaris are generally are categorized as:

  • Jeep Safari
  • Buggy Safari
  • Quad Safari
  • Horse Safari

Other Things to do in Oludeniz

With its perfect location and favorable features, Oludeniz can be a host to different kinds of events or excursions. If you wonder what they are, we will list them below and you will be able to choose your favorite one to join in and enjoy. Saklikent Gorge (or Saklikent Canyon) is very close to Oludeniz: Through a 1-hour road trip, you can hike in the biggest natural canyon of Europe. In there, you will be able to observe the high cliffs and ice-cold waters that divides them. Of course, do not forget about the chance of swimming in there, if you can dare! By taking a boat that departs from Oludeniz shores, you can easily access to Butterfly Valley. This place is a true gift of the Mother Nature and even UNESCO agree: It is on the list of World Heritages. If you are lucky enough, you can view rare, different species of butterflies. If you are brave enough (and have no health issues), we suggest you to join in one of the most popular activities that is organized in Fethiye: Paragliding. Jumping from Babadag with a professional trainer, you will enjoy the sense of flying smoothly. Moreover, you will be able to view the breathtaking beauty of Oludeniz with a panoramic view.

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